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Check in of CAD with and without dependent


Check in of CAD with and without dependent



I have two drawings and dependent parts created into Creo 2.0. All these CAD data are uploaded into windchill.


Below is the structure of CAD data:

  • D1.drw is of part file p1.prt
  • D2.drw is of assembly a1.asm which has ten parts p1.prt to p10.prt

Meanwhile we migrated to Creo 4.0 and opened one part file. saved it into Creo 4.0 and did check in.


Now how to handle rest all check in is my query. we would like to do all other check in from Creo.


If I check out D2.drw and all dependent , how to do check in again for all excluding p1.prt as it is already checked in.


How to do checkin of D1.drw alone as p1.prt is already checked in.


Feel free to ask for any clarification.


Thanks and Regards



ADD p1.prt from the commonspace so it replaces the "new" p1.prt with existing version already in the commonspace.

p1 will not be checked in again as it has not been changed.

If pi has been released, Windchill should prevent check-in of a released object. (Unless you are an admin)


Even If P1 does want to get checked in as part of d2, what will it hurt if no changes have been made to the part design. It will only get an iteration bump, but stay at the same version.

No... I am not admin and I will be getting cad which are not in release state.... So I can do check out and check in....

Suppose p1.prt is checked in(a.10).... Now I am getting D2 open and doing check in... So, version of p1.prt would update to next version(a.11).... Again I am doing check out of D1 and doing check in of p1.prt would change to next level version (for example, a.12).... So, p1.prt has a.10 as latest version but I got it as a.12

Additionally one drawing would have version of part p1.prt as a.11 instead of a.12.... is it correct ??

Sorry guys... I might be asking very basic questions but I am very new to windchill nd doing Protoolkit customisation of Creo only...
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