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Clock - Art and Motion


Clock - Art and Motion

Please find attached the clock files including two motion analysis files.  The hands are driven with three separate servo motors accurately timed to each other for the purpose of the clock.


The purpose of this effort is two-fold:


1) To provide some interesting techniques in using C2 rounds and extensive use of conics (and their limitations) throughout the parts.  This model mixes surfaces and solids.  Obviously, these could be taken to the next level if you have a greater artistic eye than I do.  With recent discussions about surface curvature, this was worth exploring.


2) To provide a simple motion analysis tool to try different motor profiles and how they behave.  I find the servo dialog to be tedious and just understanding what specific settings really do requires something of a "scale".  What better scale than a clock face or "gauge" tool.  Of course, the patterns of the divisions is easily adjusted in the clock-face model.


The attached files are Creo 2.0



It's 1:17... Where's the engineer!



Please feel free to post comments or questions.



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If the hands were connected with gears you would only need one servo motor.

This begs the question whether the hands could be linked with relations and again require only one servo.  Would this work?

Of course.  I did this as well.  The idea is to test motor motion curves more than gear connections using this simple assembly..

You will also find that using 3 motors rather than generic gear connections does make the model a little more stable.  If you drag the hands with gear connections, you can end up with regeneration errors.

This is the error I get when regenerating the geared version.


The only way I know how to quickly reset the hands is by playing the motion profile where, at 0:00, the hands reset to noon.  Then quit the player and it will regenerate without this "condition".  I haven't seen such issues with 3 servo motors.

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