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Combined Views - a quick overview


Combined Views - a quick overview

In the video, you will see the basic relationship to make use of Combined Views in Creo|Pro. These include how View Manager/Style and View Manager/All can interface with the graphic area and Model Tree interface.


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edit: YouTube version is clearer at 720p HD here =>

Notice how the Model Tree can reflect the display status of components and features.

Specifically what this video is trying to portray is where to find the basic high level functions to make use of this display capability. It is very powerful for making presentations or quickly accessing regions of interest. Notice the specific options available in each State (View Manager/All).

There are a lot of subtle capabilities of Combined Views that a 5 minute video simply cannot capture. When defining these states, and styles, there are a lot of things happening in the background that should be cleaned up to maintain a clean assembly file. Many definitions are created by default when creating new styles that are simply overhead and are not required. Of course, these are also powerful options that can be incorporated in Combined Views, not least of which are:

  • Orientation
  • Simplified Representation
  • Style
  • Cross Section
  • Explode
  • and Layers

Again, I hope I have captured a glimpse of what Combined Views are, and where to find the interfaces for manipulating them.

Hi antonius

Can we use these Combined views for drawing.

if yes can we have small tutorial on it.

Good thought, Shyam.

I replied in your post: Combined View for drawing

It appears that only style is ignored from the assembly model to the drawing view.

Hi Antonius,

Plz Help me about the two diffrent view place in drawing.when i can change one view other view is automatically change . plz help me.Creo.JPG

I am not understanding your question.

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