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Comprehensive Surface Finish Symbol


Comprehensive Surface Finish Symbol

I was completely embarrassed the other day when I tried to make a comprehensive surface finish with Creo.




Okay, so we have a symbol editor and I decide to make my own so I won't be slammed by a customer next time.


Am I really missing something or is it as bad as I found it to be?


'nuf whining... and for those of you who need a comprehensive surface finish, please find the attached symbol for your unrestricted use.


Video Link : 4109


I tried to capture everything found in the Machinery's Handbook. 


The attached symbol is Creo 2.0.  Not sure if it is downward compatable.


The following might help you recreate this from the generic default SF... 

On the left are the groups (see video on which features are grouped together); on the right is the default SF with my modifications.




Also be sure to change the text properties to the following so it will follow your drawing defaults. 

Just remember to left and right justify the variables as appropriate. 

All the Var Text type attributes are "Text" so you can use commas for metric standards values.



The only other thing that bit me was the line colors.  You have to select "leader" from line style or "Letter" for line style color.


Of course, if you need changes made to a particular symbol on a drawing, you can always edit it where the change is applicable to the using drawing only.


Hope this helps make drawings easier for you.


Like this page if you find this useful.  And feel free to comment.




Good on this.  However, have you made one that conforms to the ISO 1302 standard.  I think that's the way to go for future proofing this.

I had not seen that specification.  I used the machinery Handbook to determine the most common implementation.

The main difference I can see is the extensive note under the tail.  And making the tail variable is somewhat problematic without making the UI too complex.  Overall, I think you can get all the text in there as-is but you would have to modify the symbol on the fly to extend the tail.

Please feel free to take the included symbol and modify to your needs.  If you come up with a comprehensive version that conforms more closely to ISO 1302, please post it here.

Can I find this symbol for the student edition anywhere?

Only if someone made one.  This is a perfect learning opportunity

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Why doesnt creo have these as standard as a notation feature?

surface finish and weld notes are an everyday tool for most people and any drawing software worth having includes these functions as a ribbon tool, and not rely on users to write there own. 


creo really is **bleep**!!!