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Conversion PTC Windchill CREO to SOLID Edge


Conversion PTC Windchill CREO to SOLID Edge

Currently in the process of trying to convert CREO drawing to SOLID edge drawings. Online I found some solutions, but they are all outdated. Therefore, my question if anybody knows where to find current migration tools for this problem. 

Thank you in advance!


23-Emerald II

The best method for converting drawings is to export them as IGES or DXF. There are no automated tools for exporting drawings.

For models and assemblies, export them as Parasolid files.


Hello @LG_10173009 


First Step (as a general rule): From an higher perspective, we suggest first to have a look at article 134024 as starting point for this kind of question:

  • This article lists the support of direct conversion (via Unite)/export and import capabilities, based on Creo Versions and ALL CAD Applications ones
  • And gives therefore clear guidance on the way to go, knowing CAD Application and Versions being matter of interest
  • Here, in your specific context, based on table (mantained very often) in above article, you can see that Creo Parametric supports
    • Import process of SolidEdge files, if coming up to version 2021 (from  Creo Parametric &
    • But not the Export process (which is what you need here, if my understanding is correct)

=> First concluson: you'll need therefore to consider an export process, as @BenLoosli said (Thanks a lot for this!), using a neutral file (like IGES, DXF, DWG, STEP or CGM for instance)


Second Step: In this context, the question now is: Which neutral format to choose?

  • On this, it's difficult from PTC perspective to provide suggestions on how external applications will behave after conversion process of native Creo Parametric objects in neutral files. My personal preference is the DXF or DWG formats from a generic standpoint when speaking about export of drawing files. But if you would like a more robust suggestion, I would recommend to get in touch with SolidEdge Technical Support to get views from them on the recommended neutral file formats in their application for the "import" process (as a general rule, wherever neutral file comes from), and if specific guidance are suggested when drawing files come from Creo Parametric.
  • Alternate Approach (if getting answers from SolidEdge TS is difficult or long): You may start from some of your most challenging drawings existing in your environment, export them in different neutral formats, and then open the neutral files in SolidEdge, to be able to check and conclude on which neutral format produces the best outcome at the end for your specific several challenging drawings.


Third Step: As we speak here about a "migration", once the good format of the given neutral file is identified, how to export all my drawings "in mass"?

  • For this buisness need, we suggest Distributed Pro/BATCH
  • If you're not familiar with this tool yet, you can find already good starting points from article 139340 and article 28241