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Creo Crashes sometimes on Assemble Part.


Creo Crashes sometimes on Assemble Part.

I am using Creo Parametric - Release 8.0 (connected) 8.0

Creo Crashed sometimes, while assembling a part to an existing Assembly.

We run multiple systems, the error occurs on just 1 System.

Debug information is not enough to do a decent Debug.
windows/Visual Studio Debugger asks for the file libui_sh.pdb

all logs and trail files are available

Here are the errors that I faced
Trail file:
!ODUI session starting: Okit widgets are on, Undo/Redo on, Dashboard style on, Tab style off, Mini Dashboard style off. Feature title : Component Placement
!ODUI session started.
!%CPUse the view plane as the motion reference.
!%CPLeft button to drop. Middle button to abort.
!%CDPick inside the window
! Message Dialog: Warning
! : Fatal error encountered. A traceback has been written to
! : F:\Pro-E_Tekenkamer\Pro-E_Settings\Creo8.0\traceback.log
! : Please send it to Technical Support.

Windows log:
Name of app with error: xtop.exe, version: 36.0.2021.283, timestamp: 0x6152db8f
Name of Module with error: libui_sh.dll, version:, timestamp: 0x614c3438
ExceptioCode: 0xc000041d
Errormargin: 0x000000000026bc7e
Id of proces with error: 0x481c
StartTime of app with error: 0x01d7d52f81d135a7
Path of app with error: C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo\Common Files\x86e_win64\obj\xtop.exe
Path of module with error: C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo\Common Files\x86e_win64\obj\libui_sh.dll
Rapport-id: 7abbc386-abbe-4c02-9a71-841e0ad87cf0


The trace creation timestamp is: ma nov 08 10:31:39 21
The executable build timestamp is: di sep 28 11:08:31 21
The datecode is: 2021284
The pro machine type is: x86e_win64
The process ID is: 28832
The traceback type is : CRASH
The logger exit status is: 00003
The Trail is: trail.txt.3521
The release is: 8.0
The product version is:
The product title is: Creo Parametric
Exception EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION has occurred in the thread 24820.


Please send your log file to PTC's Technical Support: 

Dear Mr. Molenaar,


please check whether your hardware is supported at:

Please make sure that the latest graphic driver is installed.

If the exit still occurs, please attach traceback.log as private and zipped file.

Is there a way to make the exit reproducible and have a sequenc?





I Cannot find the place where to put a PRIVATE zipped file.
But i've attached the Traceback.log it in this message.

I have a Dell precision T7810 with a Nvidia (M4000) Graphics Card.

Dell+Nvidia - that's support according to that document.
With latest drivers , we check always when we run into problems.

Problem is partially reproducable: When it  crashed, it's the exact moment, the Part is assembled, when it should stick to the Mouse pointer.
But not it's not always.
I believe to think it happens more often when that new Part is not in Memory yet, Or the new part has just been created.

It would be very nice, if the User-Debug information improves in future releases. 
It feels like looking for a needle in a Haystack.

Maybe Driver issue, maybe hardeware issue, maybe config issue.

23-Emerald II

You really should open a PTC esupport case instead of posting on the community. Users can not reliably interpret the traceback file.


Opened TS case, because data specific.


For exits either:

  • checking Hardware compatibility and use latest graphics driver. See Platform Support
  • try to make it reproducible and provide sequence, maybe trail, and data
  • send traceback.log - did not help here
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