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Creo Interface Color

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Creo Interface Color

We have a customer who is very color blind.

He has been using Pro/ENGINEER for 20 years and is a very experienced user.

In Wildfire he could change the colors of the interface to suit his condition - he finds it easier to read light text on a dark background.

His company has recently moved to Creo 2 and he finds the white of the interface too bright and hard to read - particularly the model tree and the message line.

You cannot change the interface colors in Creo 2 and this is causing him a big problem - he has said he may have to change his job as it is too hard.

Has anyone got any ideas? I am sure that someone at PTC (People That Care) will have a solution. It would be a shame for him to have to move job.

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he can very much use the color interface of pro/engineer wildfire in creo 2.0.

I have attached the pre-wildfire and wildfire 4.0 system color file which can be used instead of the white back ground.system_color_file.JPG

We can control the colour of the graphics window and the entities etc but we cannot control the colour of the model tree or message lines.

This is what he had in Wildfire:


I think this problem has been solved by now but maybe the system settings for windows can help here:

In Win7 you might switch the "Basic Design" to something with more contrast. But of course this affects all other applications as well. (sorry for the german interface in the figures)


Does any of the reply on post answer your query? If yes, mark the appropriate reply as correct answer.

Image which was uploaded from Wildfire was due to Theme in OS, There were some options available in XP not sure if all of the options are available in Windows 7 or not.

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