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Creo Schematics & Cabling Splice and Terminal Table Issue


Creo Schematics & Cabling Splice and Terminal Table Issue

I'm fairly a beginner for both Cabling and Schematics and need to help company up these programs to fit in the work flow. I have encountered several problems which are not able to find solutions through PTC support manual:


1. How to use terminator table/other methods in Creo Schematics to map out port/pin parameters value?

Such as I would love to assign terminal name, seal name and signal name to several connectors, I could not apply it while making the connector artifacts because these parameter values vary with different harness, is there an easier way to do it?


2. I also try to use terminator table in PCX, but it's not working. I didnt save the port artifact I instanced on connector artifacts in the central catalogue and did not define terminal names while routing the wiring diagram, what's the potential issue here?


3. I want to have a BOM table which will give all parts assembled in the harness assembly (housing, locking device etc.), terminals & wire seal & plugs (I create parameter at pin level and do not assemble real parts) in the FLATTEN HARNESS DRAWING, but when I do the repeat region, why the rpt.index and rpt.qty is not shown when other parameter details like part number and description works perfectly?


4. How do you deal with splice in cabling? I really do not want to insert 50 splices in one harness assembly, any neater way? and they always cause problem in flatten harness too.


Thank you and appreciate any reply!



I don't work with cabling so I cannot respond to those sections of the questions.  


The terminator table only works with the generic wire and connector information.  As you develop it, it can know your selection criteria for specific terminals.  It doesn't care if the wire is red or it goes to a start relay, just that the terminal will fit the wire and connector that you have chosen.  
We have chosen to select it based on the terminal family (as specified by the connector data), the wire area, and the insulation diameter. 

We use "terminal family" rather than connector because it allow one family to fit multiple connectors and it allows some options.  For some connectors that would use the same terminals, we have defined the standard family and matching family with gold plating.  Most connectors of that family specify the standard terminal family but some (such as the CAN bus) specify the gold family.

For terminals that have individual wire seals, we treat the terminal + seal as one item in the table.  If a terminal has 3 seals for different insulation diameter ranges, there will be three lines in the table for them.


Data that relate to a specific wire or connector in the design cannot be included in the terminator table or the generic wire and connector tables.

You can add parameters to the generic tables that allow you to specify a signal name or circuit number for a wire or the function that the connector attaches to.  You can then use those parameters when those items are used.  

If you need a connector for Auxiliary Lighting with the signals marked.  You edit the parameter for the connector instance to indicate Auxiliary Lighting and if your Connector Group Shape includes that parameter, it will automatically be added.  If your fiber definition includes a Signal parameter, you can specify it for every wire where it is needed and include it in the fiber labels as needed.  In cases where I want the signal name to be by the connector instead of the usual wire ID and color, I temporarily change the labels for those wires to have just the signal.  I copy the set of labels and paste them next to the connector and then apply the original definition of the labels back to the wires.



Can anyone help me with Sample Terminator CSV File for Creo Schematic ?

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