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Datum tags - how to move them back?


Datum tags - how to move them back?

By right clicking on a datum plane and selecting "Move Datum Tag", one can move the text location and Creo will connect the text with corner of the datum plane.

But how do you move this tag back to its default spot and remove this irksome line?


(Creo 2.0 M200)



I found an old case, from another user, asking about the same behavior.  Unfortunately, there isn't an easy way to do this.  You will have to select a location near the original location to move the datum tag to.


That doesn't actually remove the line.  Anyway, another little thing with Creo that is trivial and frustrating.

Why is there a line, anyway?  It just gets in the way, say on a drawing where one wanted to move the text of the tag in order to make a visual improvement.

If this is to be useful, you have to be able to move these tags / lines on the drawing, where it actually matters the most:



I have got the same problem using Creo 3.0 M080.

Facing the same issue, moved the Datum Tag by accident...


Can someone with active maintenance post the contents of this article?


23-Emerald II

Not part of creo functionality and submit a product idea...not what you wanted to hear but that's what it says.

Well, there's an article, but you're probably not going to like it. It goes like this:

    Not part of the Pro/ENGINEER, Creo Elements/Pro and Creo Parametric functionality
    To request this functionality, refer to Product Ideas @ PTC Community


That's the full text of the "article".

22-Sapphire II

The solution is:


Don't move the tag.  😉

Or use the Undo button (CTRL+Z)...oh...wait... Smiley Sad

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