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Diameter Dimension for a Revolved Section NOT WORKING


Diameter Dimension for a Revolved Section NOT WORKING

Just created a new part and when I do the following to Create a Diameter Dimension for a Revolved Section:
     1. Right-click and choose Dimension from the shortcut menu or click Sketch > Normal.
     2. Select the entity to be dimensioned.
     3. Select the centerline that will be the axis of revolution.
     4. Select the entity again.
     5. Middle-click to place the dimension. The dimension is created.


I get " this dimension type is not allowed" and "cannot create specified dimension".

This was working in a different part seconds ago. 

Why won't it work in the new part?


Need more information.

A screen shot would be worth "a thousand words"

There is always more to learn in Creo.
21-Topaz I

I've seen this kind of behavior if my line I'm trying to dimension the diameter for is almost, but not quite, parallel to the axis, or what I think is a line is actually a spline or other non-line entity. In one case, the 2D cross section I was using in the view was based on a plane that was slightly skewed, making my attempted dimension "illegal".


Last but not least, especially if it happens to you, I've had the dimension creation process insist that perfectly legitimate dimensions I wanted to create were invalid right before Creo crashed. What fun. A vulgarity-producing software collapse preceded by a cursing warmup.

5-Regular Member

The following is my revolved section view, experiencing same problem with Creo 4.0


the 15.85 dia shown dimension on the left should be on the extruded boss like the other one on the right.


The dimension don't even align with the parent view geometry.


My work around for this is to create a construction entity and dimension as a linear entity and slap the diameter symbol on it.


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