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Drawing Annotations from a UDF


Drawing Annotations from a UDF

I am having an issue with Drawing annotations from a 3D UDF.


I have created a UDF for Standard Nutplate holes.

I have created the 3D Annotations in this UDF.


When I createa a Drawing view from the UDF the Annotation shows up just like I want.


When I use this UDF in a part, using the Modrl Tab and the User-Defined Feature, and create a view from the part I cannot create the 3D Annotaion.  There is not options to select.


I am trying to set up a standard UDF so all Designers are using the same nutplate hole size and locations and transfer that information from the UDF to our drawings so the Draft doesn't have to cerate the Dimensions and Notes for each drawing.


I am including pics of the UDF and the Drawing Views.


Any suggestions? 


I'm not sure that I understand your question.  Based on the image you uploaded, it looks like you have successfully:

- created a UDF that has the hole callouts

- placed them in the drawing


Am I misunderstanding what you've done.  BTW, I want to be able to do this also, and am having trouble figuring out how to do it.  I've got a family table driven hole UDF, but cannot figure out how to embed the hole callouts in it.


Barry Schaeffer



I have submitted this a while back.


Let me go ever my notes and get back to you.


I am sure it is something silly I am not doing.


sorry for the delay.

Looking forward to seeing what you are doing.






I hope this still can help. To pull dimensions from a UDF you should use "driven" dimensions, not added ones. For istance, use "show annotations" from the "annotation" tab and select the feature you want to get dimensions from.


I still have some issues with angular dimensions and combination states that seams to have a role as well.



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