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Driving assembly by program and family table


Driving assembly by program and family table

Hi, I have an assembly within some dimensions are set by input in pro/program.
I would like to make some instances of this assembly to preset several size in a family table.

Is it possible to have both solutions.

Or, does I have to chose between program OR family table ?

I've made some trails, but assembly can't regenerate anymore.



I've used relations on parts with family tables. The thing to be careful of is to not have the calculations in the part change one of the values that is defined in the family table. If I remember correctly, the calculated value will usually be the one that defines the geometry, since it is calculated last. You will get error messages about such things.

Other than that, I use them all the time. The family table will set some value like diameter of part, length, then the calculations will use those settings when I've set them up to do that. It's very convenient.

Thanks a lot.

However, is it possible to set parameters in family table and use program for generic part ?
If not, I think I should give up program and just use instances with driven parameters...


Yes, if you are putting columns in a family table, one of the options you will see is Parameters. It brings up a list of all your part/assembly parameters and lets you pick from them.

This is the kind of stuff I do a lot. Set a parameter like "length" then that value is used to calculate other stuff, build a descriptive text string, etc.

Ok, thanks.
That's what I'm using.
Parameter are sets with family table (lenght, for example).
But then, I can't use input in pro/program for manually set this parameter ?

It seems not to work.


There is a "instantiate" command in Creo that I think will work for what you are looking for...  maybe run that with a mapkey after each regeneration?


Alternatively - CREOSON should be able to do much of this also - open assembly, pass in parameters/values, regenerate and also create/add instances to your family table.  look for the command:


familytable : add_inst



Thank you everybody,
I'm pretty sure it's possible, but can't do it.

So, there is an order operations are done.

I'm driving height dimension with family table, this is ok.

Then, program don't have effect.
If I'm using relation, each line of table have the same value.

So relation have priority to table settings.

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