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Export to IFC


Export to IFC

We have the requirement to work in a BIM environment, by exporting our 3D models to the IFC format (Industry Foundation Class)

We have both WF4 and Creo2.0

How can I export my assemblies to IFC?


Is nobody working with IFC?

Any PTC employee willing to comment?

Hello Teun,

This year I investigate the possibilities to convert a Creo Elements Direct Modeling model to IFC. If you been interested send your mail adres to so that i can send you some information.

Best regards,


Hi Ronald,

If you have something to share...please share it here for the world to see. There's no need for me to send you an email, especialy if this is the first post from you on the PTC Community. As you can tell, I am not interested in any commercial software, just a solution from PTC.

Hope you understand.

As I expected, no answer at all from Ronald. I have reported his post as SPAM.

Hello Teun,

Because you told me that you not interested in any commercial software I did not answer. But if anyone whants to know if there is software to read IFC to native Creo Elements objects you can see a result of this below.

A model loaded in BimSight.


The same model converted to Creo


Off course it is possible to export Assemblies to IFC object. If you are familiar with BIM you must ask youreself what is the level of detail (LOD) i want to use. In the most common software where you can export a model to IFC there is no possiblity to chance the LOD for the several parts in the assembly.

Thanks for getting back.

Maybe you got my question wrong, but I am looking for a solution to EXPORT a PRO/E (or Creo) model to IFC. I am not looking for a way to IMPORT an IFC into PRO/E (or Creo). thing which I noticed in your screenshots...did your "import IFC to Creo" smashed the modeltree into a flat structure? Does that mean that I need to spend time (money) to restructure the components into assemblies?

As far as LOD, any engineer who tries to export his complete assembly (with all the thousands nuts and bolts) to an IFC file should be fired on the spot. Simplified reps should be used to "trim the fat" and exclude the components which are not requried for the BIM model (like most of the nuts and bolts). Complex parts should be swapped with simplified representations, a shrinkwrapped model for example. You get the picture 🙂

In the industry in which i work the IFC (from the contracter) has to import to CoCreate/Creo and save it to a inseparable. Before we have the IFC-import module we import all 2D AutoCad drawings and pull it up. We can only attach our models to the building if the reference is there. Do you understand how many hours it takes to reach this....Import a IFC was the first goal to achieve (for our Company).

In the IFC that I convert there was only one assembly structure. The description in IFCSite and IFCBuildingstory where "undefined", it was flat!


When the model is ready we must export the assemblies (and parts) to IFC. You can export the model to STEP and then convert it for example in HiCad to IFC. But that's not the way you want to do it, the IFC model grows to al very large one!

Not only the complex parts should be swapped but also the construction details (how we make the several parts and how we connect them in our assemblies) must not been written in IFC. I totally agree what you have described.

Maybe you can show me a model (or send) so that I can see if it is possible to export your model to IFC with the software I have programmed.

Best regards.

Here a example from a IFC where the following structure is created in Creo, the parts which are created with a outercurve pattern and are the same are also shared!!


Hi Perido,


If you are still looking to convert your Creo models to IFC or any other BIM formats like Revit, or import the IFC/Revit files into Creo, you can reach out to me at

Our Creo to IFC/Revit Exporter/Importer has a lot of options to customize your export/import and we will be happy to discuss further over email. 



I'm down with IFC (Yeah, you know me!).

(Sorry, a little "rap" humor from the early '90's)

Frank, you are "naughty" (by nature) 😉

Hah! SOMEONE get's it!

And not cause we hate cha.

Finaly! Someone from PTC who's down with IFC (I hope) 😉

Seriously, does PTC have any plans regarding the IFC format?

I can certainly ask our PTC Creo team.

Heard from the PTC Creo team: BIM (IFC) is currently not supported, however this in planned in a future release.


‌Is there a specific version they are targeting? import and/or export?


One year after, do you have news of this future release?


there is an add on Software to Creo from Srinsoft which can Export IFC. Look here

PTC Live Global 2014


I have tried exporting my model with the inbuilt IFC exporter. But I could only open it in revit as a single block, which was a big concern. After a lot of research, I tried a trial version of bim-dex plugin. It helped the IFC file maintain the classes and hierarchy inside revit as per my client's requirement. Hope this helps your use case too!