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Exporting CL Data for Grbl

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Exporting CL Data for Grbl


I am seeking assistance in configuring Creo to export CNC code compatible

with the Grbl language.  I have attached two documents which define the

machine specifications and a summary of the Grbl language.

This effort will facilitate the lesson creation for Mechanical Engineering students

to export solid model geometry to a small CNC machine.

Any assistance with this effort will be very appreciated.'

Thanks for your help!


   Bill Chambers

Additional links:

   1)  Configuring Grbl v0.9 · grbl/grbl Wiki · GitHub

   2)  G Code Overview


Do you have the Creo NC module? If not, then you may make a drawing and export a DXF and use a DXF to G-code utility. This looks like a reasonable explanation Secrets of Going From CAD, Image, DXF, or STL to GCode for CNC and 3D Printing - CNCCookbook CNCCook...

Hi William,

Do you have the possibility to create a manufacturing model ?

File -> New -> Manufacturing (it is an manufacturing assembly in witch you will assemble your part).

If yes we will be able to describe the process to get a gcode file from your machining operations.

If no, dschenken's answer is one of the possibilities but (for me) limited to 2d shapes : could be enough and faster for engraving or 2d machining.

Waiting your answer to get further ...

PS: you've attached 2 file extracts: what is the name of the complete document ?


I'm using bCNC and GRBL with gcode from CREO.

The first question is the same : Do you have the possibility to create a manufacturing model ?

If yes, the process could be described from machining operation to gcode output.

I use UNCXO1.P11 post processor and 90% of the code is understood by bCNC.

What kind of information are you waiting for ?


I am using Creo to create a Manufacturing model to generate surface milling tool paths

which are animated on the screen.  I want to export the resulting tool paths (CL Data)
to a desktop milling machine that is controlled with the Grbl language.

I am seeking assistance with configuring GPOST to export the Grbl compatible NC

Any assistance with this effort will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help!


   Bill Chambers

It seems like this GRBL is just a small subset of G-Code. You could probably just use one of the included post-processors that come with Creo's manufacturing module and see if the output it gives is okay. If you're just milling shapes, almost all of the output will be G00 (rapid) and G01 (feedrate controlled) motions.

This isn't the kind of thing I've ever been able to do just "off the cuff". The post-processor stuff I've done took a lot of trial and error to get just right, because you're dealing with two translations. Creo sequences -> CL Language -> FIL translation of CL to G-Code. It seems you'll be limited by what you can't output, i.e. no canned drilling cycles (G81, G83, etc). I'm not saying it isn't fun, but it can be difficult.

  1. Configure gpost directory by setting gpostpp_dir in configuration editor - eg. C:\PTC\gpost
  2. Extract to this directory attached files - this is postprocessor compatible with grbl / bCNC (supports also circular motions)
  3. Export manufacturing operation to CL
  4. Post a CL file using UNCX01.P01 from PP LIST


Thank you for uploading this post processor.

I am a Mechanical Engineering Student here in Australia and I have designed and built a small 3 Axis CNC Machine.

I followed your instructions and the post-processor is working perfectly with my GRBL software, Arduino controller and Universal G Code Sender setup.

I can't thank you enough!




is GRBL controller accept cl file which is exported  to given post processor.

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