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How does one use AFX/EFX sub-assemblies?


How does one use AFX/EFX sub-assemblies?

The documentation is confusing. Are there any examples out there? There seems to a lot potential for EXF subassemblies, but I never seem to get it right.

I have been using advaced features of ProE/Creo for ten years.

Paul Rasmussen

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Dear Paul

In EFX subassemblies, active main assembly and active subassembly we have two option, just like consider that main assembely as top level assembly in EFX. And consider that sub assembly as bereating ;ow to efx top level assembelies.

why we creating efx sub-assembiles?

In case in feature you have to copy them group and you want keep them in any other structure it's very easy to copy in EFX so on.

for example:

You are generating BOM



Two types of profile you using.

Noe if you generate bom you will get all part name and sizes only in table.

If you create sub assembiles for any one size then you will know the difference and you can easily identify easily.

Hello all,

in AFx advanced training guid you can find a chapter how to use project subassemblies. If you send me personal mail to I can send you link to download AFX advanced training guide


Stefan, can you send me this link for advanced training guide you speak of, please?.

my personal mail: -

i too would be interested.


Hello, Can you send me the link.

My mail:

Thanks in advance.


I need to create base frame of non standard molded channel (plz check layout of base frame in attached pdf). Can I create custom profile with custom parameters (already set as in attached pdf) for AFX/EFX. Another is position of motor rail is not to be fixed, as motor frame size changes its rail position should be updated. So If i create molded channel from driving curve sketch in AFX/EFX and further change assembly constraints then it is unlinked from curve length. How can I solve this issue too. (if such things are also discussed in AFX advanced training guide you mentioned earlier, plz send me its copy to -)

Thanks & Regards

Kulbir Sandhu

here is also a short video description how to work with customized subassemblies:

Video Link : 3184

Samuel Brantner
B&W Software GmbH

I am working on build a superframe chassis, in that I am facing a problem that I cannot include more than 20 elements in EFX Assembling , Please give me a guide to increase the element number in that assembly session, or give me an idea to complete my drawing. I m using Student Academic version of  PTC CREO.

Theliban Aravindan

With Regards,
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