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How export Creo Simulation results in word format?


How export Creo Simulation results in word format?

How export Creo Simulation results in word format?

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What information are you needing to export to word format?

I just want to output entire report, without the images, as word document.

This option is available in ANSYS, Cosmos and SolidWorks simulation, and it very convenient, and I wonder how to do it in Creo Simulation.

I'm assuming you don't want the stress of every element and the displacement of every node in your report...

Have you looked at the .rpt file, in the results directory? This contains a summary of all the measures (both default and user created) for each loadcase, along with mass and some other information.

Load Set: LoadSet1: DIFF_CROSSPIN

Resultant Load on Model:

in global X direction: 1.537063e-10

in global Y direction: 6.506531e-11

in global Z direction: -6.850000e+04


max_beam_bending: 0.000000e+00

max_beam_tensile: 0.000000e+00

max_beam_torsion: 0.000000e+00

max_beam_total: 0.000000e+00

max_disp_mag: 1.993774e-01

max_disp_x: -9.543571e-03

max_disp_y: 1.238497e-01

max_disp_z: -1.992739e-01

max_prin_mag: 1.988448e+03

max_rot_mag: 1.174678e-02

max_rot_x: 1.174678e-02

max_rot_y: -3.192178e-07

max_rot_z: 1.388033e-06

max_stress_prin: 1.988448e+03

max_stress_vm: 1.874867e+03

max_stress_xx: -7.584970e+02

max_stress_xy: 3.706242e+02

max_stress_xz: -3.468644e+02

max_stress_yy: 1.825042e+03

max_stress_yz: 8.407475e+02

max_stress_zz: -9.807174e+02

min_stress_prin: -1.509258e+03

strain_energy: 6.077567e+03

Are you able to output results for each element of the mesh? For example, a thousand element mesh will output 1000 stress values each corresponding to a specific element of the mesh. Is this possible?


Hello Boris,

getting back to you as the original poster of the question:

Is the results information, as Jonathan suggested, what you are looking for?

Otherwise, you can output results as HTML report - and I believe Word is able to read it in (at least older versions could). You may then edit the report in Word and remove the pictures you don't like.


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In the menu of the "Analyses and Design studies" window select "run" and then "settings". By default the output format is set to "binary", change this to "ASCII" and you get your full output in readable text which you can read with word. Will be a long document though.......