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How to create mapkey "dimension properties" on drawing ?


How to create mapkey "dimension properties" on drawing ?

How to create mapkey "dimension properties" on drawing ?

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22-Sapphire I

Can you clarify what you are looking for?

What is it that you want the mapkey to do?

Are you looking to change the dimension properties by running a mapkey?

Yes I want to change dimension properties by running mapkey

I want to create mapkey for example for 2xDIM or 3x .. or DIM TYP

22-Sapphire I

Forgive me again, but are you asking about the scale size of the drawing view as being 2X or 3X, or the size of the text being 2X or 3X? Thanks, Dale

I am asking about the text before and after dimension


That was my take on your question and it can be done eaasily.
Tab or Shift Tab need to be used to avoid adding actual Tabs in the text field which would happen on the Prefix/Postfix area.

You can create a mapkey with inserted Pauses and messages like "Enter Prefix text" [Resume]

And do the Right Click or AppsKey and Tab or Alt key kb commands inserted between to have mapkey perform the highlighting cells where text is placed.

If you have 5 holes aligned along horizontal direction and need a 5X - 1.5" etc not (&view_scale X)

1: Choose the quick key code DET for DimEditText or another "mnemonic"

2: First thing to do in your mapkey record is to Insert a pause at the beginning prompting a user to select a dim to modify the attached text for.
(This will allow the mapkey to work whether or not a dimension is preselected.)

3: To allow the dim/dims to be preselected have the pause message say hit Resume if you already have dimensions selected.

(It will also allow the mapkey to not error out if nothing is selected) the PTC record tool may sometimes prevent pauses at certain points and will not record CTRL+X.cut C.copy or V.paste

After entering pause message you may continue recording your mapkey

by hitting the Resume button which is shown when mapkey recording is paused.

4: For Instance RightClick+r activates p&roperties in RClick pop-up menu

5: I believe the sequence involves hitting Tab 7times to go from the dimID box to the Top first Tab.

Hit Right Arrow once to get to the prefix postfix portion of the dialog and Shift+Tab a number of times 9 I believe,

to highlight the Prefix or Postfix text box.

You can add pause promts as recording to break mapkey into steps for Prefix or Postfix text or even type a Value and Use Shift Home or End to highlight default text which user can hit Delete to remove and to add the postfix. You may also have a pause Resume to Exit the dialog or just have users click OK button to finish or cancel to quit out in middle of mapkey.


- example posted below replace "" with "; \" w/o spaces to indicate mapkey continuation on next line

(Proe Creo are not familiar with emoticons I guess PTC doesn't want mapkeys to be shared)


mapkey dte @MAPKEY_NAMESeries Mapkey with Pauses \nto modify Prefixk Postfix \

mapkey(continued) lines ;@MAPKEY_LABELDimTextEdit;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Timer `UI Desktop` `UI Desktop` `popupMenuRMBTimerCB`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Close `rmb_popup` `PopupMenu`;\

mapkey(continued) @MANUAL_PAUSE>Please Select Dimension to Add/Edit\n\# PL TYP or 3X before or \

mapkey(continued) after dim;~ Activate `main_dlg_cur` `page_Annotate_control_btn`1

mapkey(continued) ~ Timer `UI Desktop` `UI Desktop` `popupMenuRMBTimerCB`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Command `ProCmdEditProperties`

mapkey(continued) ~ FocusIn `mod_dim_new_asynch` `inp_num_dig`;\

mapkey(continued) @MANUAL_PAUSE>2: Enter text to change Dim ID d#??\nor hit [Resume to \

mapkey(continued) enter prefix data];~ Select `mod_dim_new_asynch` `tab_main`1 `lay_display`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ FocusIn `mod_dim_new_asynch` `inp_dim_prefix`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ FocusOut `mod_dim_new_asynch` `inp_dim_prefix`;\

mapkey(continued) @MANUAL_PAUSE>3: Enter Prefix\nHit Resume when done or \nHit Resume to \

mapkey(continued) skip continue to Postfix\nor finish on your own by hitting cancel;\

mapkey(continued) ~ FocusIn `mod_dim_new_asynch` `inp_dim_postfix`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ FocusOut `mod_dim_new_asynch` `inp_dim_postfix`;\

mapkey(continued) @MANUAL_PAUSE>4:Enter Postfix text \nTYP #PL See Note #;\

mapkey(continued) ~ FocusIn `mod_dim_new_asynch` `inp_dim_postfix`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ FocusOut `mod_dim_new_asynch` `inp_dim_postfix`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `mod_dim_new_asynch` `psh_ok`;


not all of the FocusOut lines are needed for mapkey to work but they don't hurt anything but mapkey length in # of lines

Another sugestion is to keep a separate file as and store all your mapkeys to that fileso they can be loaded at any time or on any other computer you may be on. Flash Drives are an ideal place to store your config settings so you can load them anywhere you go.

Love the avatar, Michael

Nice post. I would just add that Ctrl+A doesn't work either.

Thanks Antonius crop failed on first attempt but 2nd was the charm.

Good call Jakub,

Even in Windows Explorer CTRL+A doesn't work just check out Shortcut.lnk's Properties and try to tripple click or CTRL+A both result in a massive failure because requiring it to be the "Activate Window" default key is a required hotkey

$F# can be used for (F1 or F2) F24 not sure but ctrl+? will work if you type it out including the + symbol and next char why no $CTRL or other codes are allowed beats me.

not exactly the same thing as mine but could anyone here help me with this!?

I entered a more specific answer in your above cross linked post.
Hope it helps