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Is '-batch_mode' option available for asynchronous execution of Creo


Is '-batch_mode' option available for asynchronous execution of Creo


I came across following article about command-line parameters that ProductView Adapters executes Pro/ENGINEER with,

There is a mention about a new comman line argument '-batch_mode' which ProductView Adapters uses.

-batch_mode : Blocks all popups and prompts from Pro/ENGINEER to the user

I tried it with my program but could not see an effect of it. My dialogs (e.g. ProUIColorSelectionShow ) are not suppressed.

Does anyone have experience in using this parameter with an asynchronous Creo program ?

Is it mandatory to use 'parametric.bat' file to make it work ? Can't we use paramteric.exe as it is ?

Thanks !


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Hi Swapnil -

Did you read the Creo Parametric Toolkit User Guide section named Core: Asynchronous Mode? This excerpt appears at the end of that section:

Setting Up a Non-Interactive Session

You can spawn a PTC Creo Parametric session that is both noninteractive and nongraphical. In asynchronous mode, include the following arguments in the call to ProEngineerStart():

• -g:no_graphics—Turn off the graphics display.

• -i:rpc_input—Cause PTC Creo Parametric to expect input from your asynchronous application only.

Both of these arguments are required, but the order is not important. The syntax of the call for a noninteractive, nongraphical session is as follows:

ProEngineerStart ("parametric -g:no_graphics -i:rpc_input", <text_dir>);

In the syntax, parametric is the command to start PTC Creo Parametric.

I hope this helps.

|+|  M a r k  |+|

Hi Mark,

Thanks !

I am already using '-g:no_graphics -i:rpc_input' options in my program.

IMHO no_graphics option just runs Creo in hidden mode, but it does not stop any pop-up dialog coming. ( So it is not a true batch mode)

For suppressing some dialogs, I use specific config options, but could not handle all dialogs popping up in the process.

My asynchronous batch program stops , in case any such dialog appears.

I came across link mentioned in my question and mention of -batch-mode option raised my curiosity.