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Keeping Track of Common Fasteners in a large Assembly Line


Keeping Track of Common Fasteners in a large Assembly Line

Dear all,

we are currently designing a large assembly line consisting of several dozen individual machines. Each machine will use many common fasteners from our library in Windchill.

What is an efficient way to tally all common fasteners used through-out the line? For example, I may want to know how many 1/4-20, 1" length bolts will be needed in the entire assembly line. This information will be handy since a single vendor will likely build and install all machines in the line.

The plan is to produce assembly and sub-assembly drawings for the vendor, which of course will have a BOM callout with the various fasteners used in their respective (sub)assemblies, but I don't envision creating an assembly drawing of the entire line with a huge BOM table of all the components.

Anyone have any clever ideas?



Windchill PDMLink 10.0 M030 with Creo Parametric 1.0 M050

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You can always create a "next level BOM" that adds all the individual assemblies and run the BOM. Or you can export all the individual BOMs to an Excel file and sort them and tally the common items.

Doesn't Windchill allow you to create a BOM without creating the top level assembly in Creo? Most PDM systems will allow you to report a multi-level BOM as a single level overview.

By BOM I simply meant Bill of Material generically.

I did find 2 things. One is where you can make a single level BOM in a drawing from a pre-defined table. These can be accessed from Tables/Quick Tables/More System Tables/Assemblies (...Creo 2.0\Common Files\M030\text\table\Assembly)

But when I searched my system, I also found something called bom_table.tbl. This BOM seems to be the consolidated BOM you were looking for. Unfortunately, it is part of the learning library extension which only maintenance customers with the library have access to. Fortunately, if you are a Creo 1.0 user, you probably also have access to these libraries as they are now included free of charge by most resellers.

Sorry to go on about that, but what I am saying is that if you have the elearning extension: download the "enhancements" module and the lesson work files. The enhancement is in regard to Drawing enhancements. The closest I can point you to is the folder structure that I have:

...eLearning\Lab and Demo files\T3900_Update_CP2_WF5\PTCU\CreoParametric2\Enhancements\Drawing\bom_table.tbl

I have actually found several on my computer (19kb and 22kb) so it is probably included in several of the elearning "enhancement" modules. They all do the same thing, spit out long lists of parts in the assembly from all levels.


If by BOM , you mean that you use WTParts, and that you have built a WTPart BOM of your assembly line

you should be able to use the "consolidated WTPart BOM report", which present the summarized quantity of each component (whatever is the number of levels in your WTpart BOM)

Unfortunatly, this report does not work if you use only Wildfire CADDocument ...