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Lag time, copying surfaces to part in assembly


Lag time, copying surfaces to part in assembly

Hi Everyone,

I've been using Creo 2 for a few weeks now, and love it with one exception, and I wondered if anyone else is experiencing the same behavior.

I have an assembly. The assembly may have as little as four parts, but they are very intricate, highly surfaced parts. I need to copy some surfaces to a new empty part as references in the assembly. When I enter the copy command, the display slows to a snails' crawl. Selecting, zooming, rotating, and panning all suffer. I can select a bunch of surfaces but I'm always waiting for the cursor and the Windows 7 circle to catch up. Here's what I've discovered so far:

1. I thought the pre-highlighting made it slower, but it didn't.

2. Staying in shaded with edges helps.

3. Changing the filter from "All" to "Surface" sped it up a lot, but it's still slow.

I also crank up the shaded display to 10 with small surfaces on, with edge display set to very high, and haven't checked to see if this is an issue yet, though other users here are experiencing it and I know they don't change the from the defaults.

I'm on a Dell Precision T3500, with 12GB RAM, but only .5 GB on my NVIDIA Quadro FX 580 video card. I'm assuming that the video card is the culprit. I didn't notice this issue at all on Wildfire 5. I went from 6GB RAM to 12GB yesterday.


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It is my understanding that no matter how much Ram you put in, the
limiting factor is the processor speed. ProE maxes that out and then
goes to paging. If you get an answer to your problem I would very much
like to know it.

And the answer is (thanks to Ron Rich)...

Set fast_highlight to "no" in the config file. The default is set to yes, and it even says that it may take more memory, which seems like a contradiction if it's supposed to be fast.



There are several way to copy surfaces depending on dependecy and relationship.

Option 1:

1) Genereate a step file using surface only and import to new part.

2) Remove any surfaces that you don't need. (This is best when you don't want relationships).

3) Note:(At this time you can also copy and paste but it will cause dependecies)

Option 2:

1) Copy the surfaces on the model and paste.

2) Open up all ref

3) copy the feature (paste) from one model part to the other.

Option 3:

1) Export the curves only and re-import - Then re-create surfaces in the model.

Good luck - More options are more complex. (Style - re-create in asm mode).

Thanks & Regards

Paul Lalinde


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