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Limits Tolerance Display


Limits Tolerance Display


I'm trying to show a dimension with its tolerance limits and I can't figure out how to get the max and min values to sit on top of one another. See below. I want the "R.003-.005" to show up as "R .005.003" with the max shown over the min. Is there a config option or something somewhere that lets me do this??? I am using Creo 1.0



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To get this back to dimensions stacked on top of each other Right Mouse click the dimension and go to the properties and select the Display tab and click the "ISO Tolerance Display Style" option.


Lots of good replies but this one was the one that worked. A couple of people pointed me to the "ISO Tolerance Display Style" checkbox on the screen shown below. That did the trick! I'm not sure why this wouldn't be the default option for the "Limits" display mode, especially since "R.003-.005" means something very different to me than what the design intent of the dimension was, but whatever.

Thanks to all of you who replied.

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I filed a case with PTC support against this issue several weeks ago and was assigned an SPR# 2139207.


Just wondering on a Friday afternoon if anyone else has noticed this
little issue before... (I'll state up front I'm on WF3, but I would
assume it would still carry on into Creo...)

I've created a feature on the outside of a cylinder that I would like to
pattern around the cylinder. (for that matter, I guess it could happen
on any sort of pattern) I then click pattern and enter an angle and
the number instances in the pattern. The pattern fails (as usual on a
round part) and I get the "Resolve features" menu. If I click "Undo
Changes" everything goes back to the way it was and I just have to
figure out what references Pro didn't like to revolve around the part.
If I hit Quick Fix and try to investigate the issue, obviously the "Undo
Changes" option goes away. ( I think there's a warning for this, but
I've clicked through it so many time I don't know what it says) Anyway,
I hunt through and see if I can change anything that will allow this
pattern to work, but alas, nothing does. NOW I'M STUCK! I can't "Undo
Changes" but I also can't "undo Pattern". The only options are suppress
or delete. Both of which take me back to completely re-creating the
feature... Shouldn't there be a 'delete pattern' option here? Or maybe
an "Ok, since you can't pattern my feature can you at least leave it in
my model" button???

Aahhhhh, alas its quitting time, and I will rebuild the feature on
Monday and hope that it will pattern correctly...


Agreed that is (was) a pain. Always has been a sore spot for me - like not
being able to add a reference to a sketch that has a mirrored feature as a

Anyway, your pain goes away - sort of - in WF5. There is no more Failure
Resolve Mode. The model regenerates whatever it can and the failed features
turn red in the tree. You are free to work on whatever you want however you
want - failed features and their children simply are not there until you
resolve them. It is much nicer and easier - most of the time - than the FRM
was. I cannot speak directly to how this works with patterns without some
experimentation. But, I think it is better.

Now if they'll only allow new refs added to the sketch of a mirrored
feature. Creo 2? 3?


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