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Manipulating/Overriding Drawing Formats without changing them?


Manipulating/Overriding Drawing Formats without changing them?

We have a drawing format that has in the lower title block the entry  'DRAWING SCALE'  and this parameter is one of the default values in the drawing software.  Any entry in the parameter that is non-numeric is not accepted.

Without modifying or editing the format, how can one enter the text  'NONE'  in this field of the format?   There is a fairly firm edict that formats cannot be altered.  We just need to override that field and substitute a manual entry.   Have tried the  '@O'  technique, but it does not work.

Many thanks in advance for all help given ... !

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You have to overwrite the parameter itself on the drawing.

Select the Annotate tab, then right click on the current scale value and select properties.

The pop-up window shows the &scale parameter, just overwrite that with NA or NONE or whatever your company uses for no scale,

I do not believe that I communicated the situation completely or correctly.  That option does not present itself . . . . .

Please refer to the .jpg  attached.   A picture is worth a thousand words . . . . scale_pic.JPG

If you cannot get to the drawing scale field on your drawing, not the format, then a line through the scale may be your only option.


The fact that you can select the text shows that it is a note in cell in a table in the drawing (from the format).  You can double-check this by retrieving the format, and seeing the table with the cell with text '&scale'.  So you should be able to change the note from '&scale' to 'N/A' or whatever.  What appears to be going on is that you clicked once too many, and got into the default action on a parameter callout, which is Edit Value.  In the Table tab, in Creo 2 (or Creo 3 M100), you can pick the table cell, RMB>Properties for the note dialog.  In Creo 3 before M100, you must pick on the text with a single click (not a double click which will bring up edit value), to see it as '&scale', and type to replace that with 'N/A' or the like.

Briefly noted, you have complete control over tables in your drawing which originated on the format, and can modify them as you like, or even delete them.  Conversely, you have no control from the drawing over items in the format outside of tables, these are fixed.

Thanks to both for the responses !

The field in the format is NOT a table cell.  That is the problem.  It is a text string that is linked to the default drawing scale by the DRAWING SCALE parameter.

The creator of this format never envisioned having to enter a non-numeric value.  There is talk of revising the format to make it more usable.  Until then, we will use the strike-through.

Be very careful if you modify the format the replace the text in the format with a table cell. If you do that on the existing format it WILL delete the text from existing drawings but WON'T insert the table cell without manually updating the format within each drawing. Tables are only brought in when the format is either added or reinserted in the drawing. I would copy your existing format to a new name with the changes to use going forward.

I agree - Walter should get a new name for the new format. This will prevent unexpected changes to existing drawings and allow easy verification of which drawings use the old and new formats.

Just like in parts - if the function changes, it should have a new identifier.

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