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Measuring vector components of distance in Creo


Measuring vector components of distance in Creo

I know how to measure the distance between two entities in Creo, but I would like to know the vector components: dx, dy, and dz. 


Can Creo do this?




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I know of no direct way to do this. Kind of annoying because we know Creo has the numbers, since the distance reported is definitely a vector length from point to point.

Two ways I've done the measurement:

(1) Build the x=0, y=0, z=0 planes. Take measurements from each plane to the point of interest.

(2) Create a point at the "from" and "to" positions, write them to a file, calculate the vector components myself.


There are likely other ways to get the numbers, just nothing straightforward that I know of. If there is a more direct way, I hope someone will enlighten me.

Thanks for your reply and detailing a methodology.
I have been using NX and am new to Creo. NX does a much better job of providing vectors for distances and normal, and low-level information about objects.


Martin Hanák

Martin, thanks for your reply.



That's pretty cool. All these years and when I saw the "Projection" I thought it only allowed me to project onto a datum plane or other planar surface.

Requires you to have a coordinate system defined, I suppose.


23-Emerald II

Yes, you are required to have a coord sys. Either user created or default but it must be there. I tried on a truly empty assy (no default planes/csys) and the option is not available.

Yes Creo can do this. I have created a mapkey to streamline the process that was posted by @MartinHanak .


This is an older post that is locked but it explains how to set it up. 


Below is a video demonstrating how it works.



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Thank you for that.

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