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Mirror Feature Issue


Mirror Feature Issue


I am trying to add the mirror feature in the attached part.

I made some changes in the parent feature, which is not getting updated in the mirrored feature.

I have kept the dependency option ON in the mirror definition.

Can somebody, please let me know what is the issue in this model?



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23-Emerald V


I did the following test in Creo Parametric 2.0 M070:

  1. I opened your model and deleted Mirror feature
  2. I selected Extrude 3 feature in Model Tree and use Mirror command
  3. I selected DTM3 and finished Mirror feature
  4. I modified dimension=22 to 33 in Extrude 3 feature and regenerated part
  5. I checked Mirror feature ... it contains dimension=33

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák

I rarely trust a mirror to update when I expect it to. Unlike patterns, mirrors seem to get a duplicate rather than a copy. I don't use them often enough to really understand their dependencies.

This little popup might help


The only thing I found that created the part you had where the extrusion remained Extrude 3 (2) is the right mouse button "make section independent". Nothing really tells you this happened but it does disassociate the mirrored extrusion. Your version no longer has that option with the RMB. Otherwise, yes, as Martin suggests, mirror by default is fully dependent.


This might be an oversight on PTC development. An independent mirror has a different icon where you get the hint one side may not be like the other. But making the section independent does not change the icon although it is independent. It does change while editing, but reverts back.


Can one of PTC's tech support peeps weigh in on this please?