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Modifiying default line fonts - CTRLFONT


Modifiying default line fonts - CTRLFONT


Perhaps a Creo guru could help me with this.

I would like to edit one / two of the default line fonts for detailed drawings.

I can easily create a new line font in the gallery, create & apply line styles, know about .lsl files etc so I'm not looking for explanations relating to this. I'm also aware of creating / editing a pen table.

Is there a way to edit default line fonts so every time I start a drawing from a template the lines are modified.

Or failing that set a custom line font as the default for centrelines - without having to manually change on the drawing.

In particular the CTRLFONT to comply with linetypes in BS8888:2013 (ISO 128-20).



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Anyone in the UK producing BS8888 drawings anymore? Exam boards like drawings to comply!

Have you considered asking tech support this question? I'm going to assume you cannot, but I hate being wrong too

Hi Antonius - I'm a lowly Academic user - no support package for me I'm afraid. I've used PTC products for over 12 years and it's been great but I'm honestly starting to look at another provider. Autodesk have come on leaps and bounds in terms of educational use.

I'm going to assume that PTC would want to make you happy as a commercial customer and as an academic customer. This is pretty much how Autodesk has built the following they have from day 1.

Try and file a support case here:

If they never reply, let us know.

Exactly how does the current line font selection not conform to the standard?

Hello James,

did the hint from Antonius help you? Have you opened a case and did you receive an answer?

Honestly, I suspect it is not possible to change the default line fonts, only to define your own line fonts in the drawing, but you never know!