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Office Sensitivity labels causing issues with family tables


Office Sensitivity labels causing issues with family tables

So our company updated our office products to use the microsoft sensitivity labeling on documents. Now when editing family tables, one must select a label before opening the file. While this is a headache as sometimes the dialog isnt available on the alt+tab menu and must be navigated to from the task manager. The real issue is that sometimes when closing the excel file, Creo does not know it's been closed and nothing be clicked on. Even if I kill the excel process through the task manager, Creo is still waiting and clicking anywhere in the program results in the windows sound that I am clicking an invalid window.


Does anyone know any work arounds? It appears that the real issue is you must select a sensitivity label before editing the file.



configure sensitivity labeling using information located on page



Martin Hanák

Unfortunately, this is controlled by the company and cannot be changed.


Is there a base document that is used as a template for the family tables?

Instead of turning it off for files completely. I would target machine that runs both by Group Policy Object to apply this Administrative template:

Policy Setting NameScopePolicy PathCategoryRegistry Information
Use the Sensitivity feature in Office to apply and view sensitivity labelsUserMicrosoft Office 2016\Security SettingsSecurity SettingsHKCU\software\policies\microsoft\office\16.0\common\security\labels!useofficeforlabelling

Alternatively, use the Registry file that the Template of GPO proposed abos is meant to inject.

In that case, you are still labelling across SharePoint and other tools but not in the Office apps of that specific machine.

Unfortunately, all options are blocked by company policy.

23-Emerald II

Time to get your manager involved and have a talk with IT about what they are doing to engineering by limiting access to Excel from Creo.

we have the same issue. our IT folks have literally told me that it is a PTC issue. Security insists that each file be labeled individually when created. They are unwilling to negotiate and don't care if we lose work. They literally suggested we switch CAD systems rather than allow an office file be created without a label.

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