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Pattern-sketch on sweep


Pattern-sketch on sweep


using CREO2, I'd like to manage a dynamic sketch inside a sweep.

Based on parameters, I'd need to obtain a sweep section with one ,

two, three or more circles with regular distance around a centre

( like a pattern feature based on axis).

Any ideas ?

thanks in advance.


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Something like a variable section sweep?  Many ways to drive a dynamic sketch for precise control.


I think they are saying they need to vary the number of circles swept, which becomes more challenging than varying dims within a singular sketch.

Ah, that makes sense now... Then I would pattern the sweep using pattern table variables for the angle, radius, and quantity.  Values can be derived from input.


let me try to explain.

I have a sweep trajectory that is a complex 3D Curve .

As internal section I could have one or more circle . This geometry is driven by some relations (circle diameters, quantity , ...)

It's not possible to create a pattern of single sweep feature ( the trajectory is not linear ) .

A reference model is a rope with groups of wire inside.


many thanks



what is the purpose of such model ?


Martin Hanák

The problem is that we cannot pattern inside sketches as you can in SolidWorks.

In the end, you have to create 1 strand and make copies with the different parameters.

If you can accomplish the different parameters with a pattern and a pattern table, then the feature is easier to manage.

Personally, I would opt for keeping a sweep for each number of strands required.

You still have the option of gauge and radial placement.

I am not convinced you cannot pattern the sweep even if it is along a spline.  Before I make it fact, I will have to try it.  That will have to wait.