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Pentable, pdf export


Pentable, pdf export

How to make diffrent colors to entites in the same group?


Letter (Blue) and crosshatch (Black)

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Go to your help files and search Pen Table. You will find Example: table.pnt File. In the table entries, you can specify what color names are associated with which pens.

A full list of color names can be found under Assigning Colors to Another Pen.

2Letterletter_colorYellowThese Items Plot As Solid Lines:
§ Dimension Lines
§ Leader Lines
§ Geometric Tolerance Lines
§ All text (except Cross Section Text)
§ Balloon Notes
§ Cross-Hatching
§ Centerlines with yellow color onscreen
These Items Plot as Centerlines
§ Axes and Centerlines


I want to use another color to: Cross-Hatching

They go under letter_color right now. Can't find any information about this how to map this to a specific color

Oh, I see. If you change the color of the cross-hatch to another style, it will plot with the new lineweight.

Select the hatch, right click and click on Properties. The menu manager pops up and you want to change Line Style. use the Copy from Style and pick one of the other styles... for instance, Geometry. Apply>Done and your hatch is now the Geometry color and attributes for plotting.

Hi. Yes i now.

But my question was if i can change the group only for Cross-Hatching

Now its in pengroup: Letter_color

I want i to: edge_highlite_color

Only Cross-Hatching, not Dimension Lines, Leader Lines...

You cannot add a new group that I know of. You can only change the attributes of the feature type - cross-hatch.

The idea is that all standards recognize the line weight of cross hatch to be the same as dimension lines and text. So from day one, cross hatch was tied in with lettering when it came to assigning pens.

Then again, there is the hatch editor. You can assign a thickness to your cross hatches. You can also assign a different color but I am not sure if it will take on the style of that new color.

The Hatch Editor is not in the ribbon but can be found with the command search tool. This might be a workaround if you always want your hatch to be thicker than standards dictate.

Hi. How did it go?

I have the same problem that i want another color of the hatch.

Modify all parts is not an option for me.

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