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Possible solution to dimension handling !!!


Possible solution to dimension handling !!!

Good day everyone!

Here I want to share some snaps (edited in Photoshop) which you do appreciate and which talk about a new feature upgrade in Creo.

So this is for Creo developers!

Creo Multi edit for multiple value edit, assigning the names and editing tolerances (optional) to dimensions of assembly, parts or feature. It is troublesome task (I usually face) to specify the names to dimension in current or previous versions of Pro Engineer as it has to be done one by one. Also if assay is huge and if we want to re-edit multiple dimensional values, we have to do this one by one and it consumes significant time. Inspired by “modify” command in sketcher interface, these barriers can be overcome by this tool (if creo developers like this)


This tool can be called by right clicking the model tree feature



In editing mode

And this is the window


It is only the suggested interface for the shake of speed and low efforts not the actual one. If developers give attention to this and introduce in Creo 2.0

Then it will be also beneficial in following areas.

  • Tolerance Analysis
  • sensitivity and optimization study
  • better utilization of “switch symbols”
  • defining relation and making understandable on one look according to specified names in model
  • Presenting drawing with dimension names (sometimes we do not want to highlight the values)
  • Dimensional handling in less time

thanks for your time...

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