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Quadro 600 GPU/Creo bug or magic?


Quadro 600 GPU/Creo bug or magic?

Hallo everybody!

I have an issue (I think it's a graphic bug) and I can't find a solution.

My system is a Dell Precision T1600

with Nvidia Quadro 600

Windows 7 64bit

Creo Parametric 2.0 M180

I have issues during the Spin/Pan and Zoom where my GPU should work 100% when there is a big assembly.

I noticed that somehow the GPU is limited to work at about 30% (using GPUSHARK  and the NVIDIA PERFORMANCE MONITOR too) and of course Spin PAn and zoom operations are very laggy and it's a frustration to work that way.

BUT I noticed that if I go (with the model already opened) to OPTIONS-ENTITY DISPLAY and I change one of the options, for example EDGE DISPLAY QUALITY from VERY HIGH to MEDIUM, APPLY and again from MEDIUM to VERY HIGH APPLY OK, (so, at the end there is no quality change at all), well, somehow, the GPU starts working at 100% and there is no lag anymore! Is it a magic trick or a annoying bug?

My question is, where is this bug and how could I solve it?

Even if there is no question, I'm sure many of you can appreciate my lucky discovery...

Have a good day!!!


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Same thing happens with a brand new desktop with

Nvidia Quadro M2000

Windows 10

Creo Parametric 2.0 M220

Except, since the graphic card is much more powerful than the quadro 600 you don't notice that it is running not at its maximum performances.

Any idea where the issue is hiding?


did you ask PTC Support ?


Martin Hanák

Not yet, I was hoping that someone else already knew a solution... I will ask them eventually..

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