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Reference dimension display


Reference dimension display


My references dimensions are not showing in parenthesis after applying the command. Is there something wrong or else i need to do? i login-off with no result

parenthesize_ref_dim yes

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22-Sapphire II

What version of Wildfire or Creo?
Drawing or model?

For a drawing, set it in your .dtl file.

Thank you,

Ben H. Loosli

Wondering if anyone could help qualify a discussion I have had with a colleague. Is it legal (per ANSI Y14.5) to define an additional tertiary datum plane that is dimensioned from the established datum reference frame (primary, secondary, tertiary) and then dimension from the additional tertiary datum plane? The additional tertiary datum plane may or may not be located on a part feature


Thanks, Happy Friday!!
Patrick Fariello
1300 E. Lookout Dr. Suite 150
Richardson, TX 75082

Hi Patrick,

If all the datums belong to the same part, Not a cast to machining, I
would say NO, The tertiary datum only controls 1 degree of freedom so to
have 2 tertiary datums doesnt
seem logical. In the example you stated where defining datum D is defined
from ABC, then dimension features to D, would still require the tooling
fixture to locate ABC and then D.
I can think of however a couple examples where you could locate D as an
additional datum from ABC and then call out features dimensioned to D in
the feature control frame. But This is an intriguing question. Id like
to see what other inputs you get.

Best Regards,

Jose M. Resendis
Mechanical & Optical Engineering Center (MOEC)
Raytheon - Space & Airborne Systems (SAS)
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"Great execution requires discipline"

Not sure if I fully understand your question, the provided image really did not help much. Sounds like you want to use multiple datum reference frames, where one frame would reference datums A, B & C while the other references datums A, B & D. If so this would be compliant with Y14.5, some designs require multiple frames for one reason or another. But you must keep in mind that the inspection process would require a different datum reference simulation for each frame and if one of the frames references a datum that does not exist on the part you will not be able to simulate it.

Thank you, Jim Flores
Mechanical Designer / CAD administrator
Sustaining Engrg, Philips Healthcare, PCCI
Hospital Respiratory Care
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Carlsbad, CA. 92011

I agree with Jose's post. Moreover, a datum frame is 3 mutually perpendicular datum planes, in the spirit of a four legged chair has 3 legs that locate it to the floor. The forth can be measured to but it is not controlling.

Ross H. LIberty