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Regeneration with Parameter-Driven Patterns


Regeneration with Parameter-Driven Patterns


I have a feature in a model that is like a numbered ruler. It is the bottomedge of a table saw, and I need to have numbers and tick marks cast into the top surface of the table saw. The numbers are created as extruded text and are driven by a parameter INCH where INCH=itos(sdX). This allows 1" to show as 1 when sdX=1, 1 when sdX=2, etc. I have inches and centimeters to the right of the blade(kerf) and to the left of the blade.

It seems that everytime I regenerate the model, Pro|E has to regenerate these patterns and it takes about 1.5 minutes to regerate. When I suppress these features and then regenerate, Pro|E provides the message: "Part 'TABLE_TOP' not changed since last regen." I guess that this means that Pro|E does not have to regerate the model because no changes have been made.

So how do I keep these features visible, but not regenerate them everytime I regenerate the model.

Wildfire 4.0, M070

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Have you tried to make them read-only?


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