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Repairing the imported data gives me headache :(


Repairing the imported data gives me headache :(


I have a .stp file which I have imported in creo parametric.I want to covert it into solid by solidfying the model. Now for that I need to merge all the surfaces,but am not able to do so (may be coz of all the gaps between the surfaces). I tried using IDD (Imported data Doctor) to repair the gaps. I could indentify the gaps but could not repair them.

Somebody Please try this.

I am attaching the .stp file.

Please Help me out as this is urgent !!!

Thank you.


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I looked at your model and when you go into the IDD session, you see a list of several (hundreds maybe) of "Components". The repair feature won't work when you have multiple components so what you need to do is move all the surfaces (in the tree) so that they are all under one component. I'm trying to this now for you but perhaps you can give it a shot too. Once all the surfaces are under one component, the Repair icon will be colored and you can repair your gaps with that tool. Lately I've been having really good success with .acis files.

I was able to get the Repair tool to be operational but I'm still new in repairing files so perhaps you can use the attached file and go from there. Notice that I've combined all the surfaces so they are under one component now (this what allows the Repair tool to no longer be grayed-out).

Hey Christopher,

Thanks a lot !!! Even though I am still struggling to repair it completely but repairing has definetely reduced the number of gaps. I am still working on the model , Hoping to fix it one day .

Thank Again.

And yes I forgot to ask you how did you combine all the surfaces into one component??

It's hard to explain so here's the video link I learned most of what I know (which isn't very much in regards to fixing .stp files). At time 4:16 you will see how to combine all the surfaces under one component. You may also be able to get some better tims from watching this video as well.


I looked at the file and tried some quick things on it. I would say you can remodel it from scratch faster then repairing it. Someone beat it with the fillet bat and that's where a bulk the errors are.

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