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Repeat region: BOM rpt.index


Repeat region: BOM rpt.index

I am becomming very skillfull in the repeat regions now, but my company wants a BOM where the 1st index is the top assembly that the drawing is, and then the next index 2, 3, etc, will be sub assemblies, then parts after that.... how do i do that?

1. How do I either a. start the rpt.index at 2, OR b. make the rpt.index recognise the top assembly? (if it can recognise the top asm then i can fix the index for the assemblies and boom, done)

2. can I sort the table by type? eg part vs assembly?

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0

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You can sort items in the repeat region by specific column. For example if you had a column there for mass of each of your part in the assembly then you could sort items in the repeat region accordingly and the rpt.index would update if you didn't fix the index before.

I don't think there is a table tab in WF4 in drawing mode but in WF5 or Creo 1.0 you can find repeat region icon there and if you click that you will be able to see Sort Regions in menu manager on the right of your screen.

Not sure if this works for model types (assembly, part) and also if you are willing to add model type column to your BOM repeat region.


For WF 5 and Creo, you need to make sure that your repeat region is based on the top level assembly model, then click on Table(tab), Repeat region, Attributes, select the repeat region, No Dup/Level, Recursive, Done. Earlier versions click the table menu and select repeat region (I think from memory).

This will give you a table with Main assembly on top followed by its parts and sub-assemblies. Each sub-assembly will be immediately followed by its parts and sub-assemblies, and so on. This will also give quantities of how many of each sub assembly are required, and how many of each part for that sub-assembly will be needed. You can then sort, filter and fix as required to meet you needs. To do more advanced things you should look at nested repeat regions, however I am not that familiar with these.

A nice touch to make things easier to visualise is to add an indentation of 1 to the column were the names of the assemblies and parts is found.

Hi john

Do you want to create a multi level BOM?

Can you upload an image with your requirement



In WF 4, doing the repeat rergion->attributes->recursive just adds every single sub part of every assembly except the initial assembly I inserted.

ex: insert new drawing of assembly xyz

assy xyz has sub assemblies 12, 23, 34, and 45

AND assy xyz has hardware and parts a, b, c, d, e, f, g etc

when I make the bom I have columns:

index quantity name material

all it will display is

1 4 a sst
2 2 b sst
3 1 12 sst
4 5 c sst
5 1 d sst
6 1 34 sst
7 4 e sst

And wont display the ... parrent assembly, jsut what is in it.

I could just fix index till there is no more '1' value and make a manual table any time i open it, but this thing is useless if it doesn't work automatically.

Alllllll I want to do right now is

1 1 XYZ sst
2 2
ss t
3 1
4 5
5 1
6 1
4 c


If you send me you email address I may have a couple of tables that may help. They show the top level assembly in the drawing then the sub assemblies and then any Parts. Is this what you need?



Yes. Worth a shot. I've been having to do fix index my butt off to get the bom to show the top assembly and then start numbering away the other parts and sub assy's

Thet dont work in WF 4.0


I think atlast I have found a proper solution for you

Can you upload your table ?

So that I can modify it for your requirement.




This is the solution for you

In this PPT I have shown how to sort by type



That helps sort assemblies first in 5.0 i'll give it a shot.

I still need to sort so the index begins counting at 2

OR it includes the assembly that the drawing is of in the BOM

In WF 4 when I make the repeat region to make the BOM it lists all the parts in the assembly, but dos not list the assembly itself.


assembly: Anchor asm

parts in the assembly:










I want the bom to display

1. anchor asm

2. bolts

3. nuts

4. screws

5. ... etc....





as of now what the rpt.index will do is

1. bolts

2. nuts

3. screws

4. plate1

5. etc....

and wont even put the assembly in the bom... (really it shoulden't... but thats the way the company wants it...)

all i can do right now is edit the index of every single part so that everything has a value other than 1 and manually type in the first row for the 'anchor asm'

This is a pain in the butt when my assemblies get large....


If you want to add main assembly in BOM table, then you should make your table Recursive instead of Flat

Go to Repeat region >Attributes>Recursive

This will work for all assemblies not having sub-assemblies

But for assemblies having sub-assemblies; it will also add the child parts of the sub-assemblies.

(I am not sure you want to show them or not)


BOM table can be sorted in different ways and Table sorting feature is also available in WF4

You can try this for your earlier explained requirement

If you need anything else you can better explain with proper example (with your part numbers) ; so that we can understand your requirement and try for possible solution.



Would a custom index help your cause? I find fix index to be terribly unreliable so we simply add a parameter to new parts called "INDEX" and sort tables by that parameter.

You do not have to create this parameter in old parts - simply show it in your model tree and you can create the parameter by clicking under that column.

I think it might be worth a try, but I would like the real fix not a ... stop gap/cheat to get it working. Also, it would require making an additional parameter for everything and put it in the startparts startassemblies and in intralink. and then get everyone to use them ... just as much of a pain as editing the index.

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