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Select a different reference based on a parameter?


Select a different reference based on a parameter?

Creo Parameteric 3, build 190

Lets say I have a simple extrude feature, extruded up to a plane. How can I have it end at a different reference (plane, point, etc), based on the value of a part parameter?

Something like:

IF myParam = "Short"

   <reference> = dtm_plane_short

      <reference> = dtm_plane_long


I seem to recall being able to this way back in the day with Pro/E, but its been ages.


If it's just for extrude ending on a plane, it should be possible to drive an unique plane parameterized with distance and angles, no ?


Well, my real-world need for it isn't nearly that simple. I just used a simple example for clarity of what I'm wanting to do. 🙂

I don't think there is a way to do this using standard parameter / relations for a reference names.

It is a clever idea ... I would add that to the enhancement requests.


I thought that a UDF might be a clean way to do that - but that does not seem to be any better.


Depending on the complexity of what you are doing ... and the dependencies that would be affected.  You could just model the long version and then use a separate feature to cut to the short version... Then control the existence of the Cut Feature using Pro/PROGRAM using a Parameter Value.


In this case I used a "solidify" operation to effectively trim everything to one side of the "short plane" - then put some Pro/PROGRAM around that feature with a parameter...  The same could be done with a normal extruded Cut.  Seems to work OK.


2020-11-08 at 12.39 PM.png

2020-11-08 at 12.40 PM.png

2020-11-08 at 12.42 PM.png

If you want to play with this - you can download Nitro-PROGRAM and get the FREE License - no registration required.


Hope this helps.



Thanks for the reply.

There are several work-arounds in this particular example, but I'm always running into cases where it would be nice to programatically change feature references, similar to how you can use different assembly constraint sets.

It seems that this would be something that Creo/ProE would have done years ago, and I could have sworn I did it as far back as ProE 16 or 17. But I've had a few beers and slept since then.  🙂

21-Topaz II

Pro/Program does not to my knowledge support a reroute of references. If you more accurately characterize your use case there may be a workaround.  Can you elaborate on exactly what you need to accomplish and does it have to be done using Pro/Program?

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