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Show Known Dimension in Drawing


Show Known Dimension in Drawing

Using WF5 M170

Sometimes when I need to show a distance / depth on a drawing whose design intent is to be aligned with something else, I'll throw a reference dimension in the sketch then show the reference dimension in the drawing. Just have to clean up the parentheses to make it look like a "hard" dimension so the machinist / inspector knows what to do.

Using WF5 and this technique isn't working any more.

In the drawing, the dimension doesn't show up as on I can show.

I the part, if I edit the feature (i.e. display the dimensions), then the reference dimension doesn't appear.

If I Edit Definition on the feature, the reference dimension shows up as a "known dimension" (dimension name is kd1).

I deleted the "known dimension" and tried to create the reference dimension again. It still shows up as a 'known dimension" (dimension name is kd1) in the sketch and won't let me show it in the drawing.

What's going on? Any other way to fake a hard dimension so that its value updates when the geometry changes?

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21-Topaz II

Why not use a created dim in the drawing? Only thing you'd lose is being able to see it at the part level.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

The reason I want to use sketch dimensions is because they don't break all the time like drawing dimensions do. You can also reference sketch dimensions in relations and control them via relations which is really handy. Not being able to show them on a drawing consistently is a really frustrating drawback sometimes! Show me a nice parametric circumferential layout drawing in Creo any way you can get it to work and I will take you out for a beer lol.