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Sites to download Creo Parts and Assemblies


Sites to download Creo Parts and Assemblies

Hello All,

I was just wondering where people go to download part files. I find it really useful for proprietary parts and for complex models a good way to see how complex parts are built up.

I have found GrabCAD, but this covers all CAD systems and doesn't tell me if the files have been created on a professional Creo license or a student copy. I need the files to be part files, not some export types that can;t easily be modified.

For example yesterday I needed a tension spring just to indicate where it would go in an assembly, I found a nice one on GrabCAD, which allowed me to modify it enough to look like I wanted. 




next time try to use this site:


Welcome - 3Dpartlib, the 3D parts library



Best Regards,
Vladimir Palffy

Vladimir, thanks for your suggestion, but this list doesn't cover many common parts, also the parts on both links appear to be the same, just a different GUI. Anyone else have a good source?  


Thank you.

And here's some additional links:

"Trace parts: Free 2D & 3D CAD files, models and drawings of mechanical, electrical & mechatronics part catalogs":

"Bosch Rexroth's NEW 3D CAD Library":

"GrabCAD": Most downloaded Pro/Engineer Wildfire models - GrabCAD

now im using student version. pls help me to refer any other sites for part and assembly drawings  downoload

23-Emerald II

Years ago I used to download pro/e models from MCAD Central but they have changed over the years. I'm not sure if you can still find the user submitted pro/e-creo models.

I don't know of anywhere that you can find creo native files only. Most online part download sites offer "native" files for download but they tend to be some sort of conversion anyway.


You can sort on grab cad to only search Creo Files....   In advanced search

At least this way you only have to figure out if it is student or commercial license. anything I have downloaded from there has been commercial.

The site below share a lot of 3D models form different CAD application, including Pro/Engineer.

Worth to check it.