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Summary: Pattern With Rotation

21-Topaz II

Summary: Pattern With Rotation

Thanks to Rui Vaz for the solution in the attached model.

What is needed is:

  1.  Sketched points in the locations I want them.
  2.  A sketched curve defining the normal for my feature orientation (I had to convert all sketch entities to a spline to get it to work).
  3.  Another set of points created by a point pattern on top of the sketched points.
  4.  Create a datum plane through the first of the patterned point and normal to the sketched spline.
  5.  Use that plane as the reference plane for the sketched features I wanted to rotate.
  6.  Group the features and reference pattern the group.

I hadn't included step #3, I was using a point pattern on my features directly from the sketched points.

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Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Thanks Doug for sharing and thanks to Rui Vaz for the solution. SWEET!!!

I will miss this type of networking, assistance, education and helping others where I can when the exploder goes down.

Mark Peterson
Design Engineer
Varel International

Hi everyone.

Maybe it's a little late, as there has already been a summary posted...

Anyway, here's an idea that worked with my part:

I created the curve as sketch (straight lines), including the points.

I added a csys on the first point, one axis normal to the sketching plane, one normal to the sketched line.

Then I point-patterned the csys activating the option "Follow curve direction"

Finally an axis through the x-axis of the first csys, reference pattern it


Have a good one.

5-Regular Member


How about this approach? Only an internally embedded point in the extrude is used - the dimension to position the point can be used to drive the pattern. Of course the point dimension could be along the curve or from an absolute reference, as I've done.


Brian Thompson
SVP, PTC Creo Product Management
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