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Sweeping along two axis at once(for an auger)


Sweeping along two axis at once(for an auger)

Hey everyone

Let me first start to say, I'm new to PTC in generaln, I've only worked with it for 4 weeks, and I just got a task where I have to use this program to create a specific auger.

Im using PTC Creo Parametric 2.0 M070 and what I wanna do is the following:

I got a Ø220x198mm cylinder, and I need to create a sweep/extrude with a specifc profile along two axis(?).

I've got the real life model, and now I need to create a CAD version of it, I've attached two pictures of the auger itself(in a really small scale, but that shouldnt matter)

For those of you who are having it rough understanding how the auger looks, it rotates the profile 76degree over the 198mm height, sadly Im not allowed to post a drawing with the specifics


I've searched around on this forum for some help, and only one topic is comming close to what I need, but it was unanswered (plus it wasnt for Parametric but Elements)


Hope anyone are able to help me in this situation, and might offer help at my level (which is low )

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check out these threads

Helical Sweeps

specifically down in the thread where part0001_177.jpg is shown



Thanks alot for the response!

From what I know what I'm looking for aint an archimedes spiral, and the part show in part0001_177.jpg aint rotating the blade in angles?

Now Im not the greatest mathematician of our time, so how to figure out the equation needed for what I need would take me ages, which is why I was hoping for an easy feature in Creo, but from browsing these forums it seems like I aint that lucky

The globoidal cam thread will have a lot of useful information.

This application is the reverse but will follow the same rules.

Modeling a globoidal cam

Yeah I found that thread myself, sadly it doesnt seem like the company where I work have access to that package/addon for their version of Creo

If you have Creo, you have it.  That was all done with core Creo.

Your challenge is a fun one, but will certainly challenge your Creo expertise.  If this is critical, there are no shortcuts.  You have to confirm proper mating or the part will self destruct in no time.  If your machinist is worth his salt, you can define it and pass the legwork to them.  Defining it on a drawing is another story but close in the model will be close enough in that case.

If you cannot find Mechanism in Creo, it means someone forgot to load it during install.  Of course, I am assuming you have Creo.  Even WF should have Mechanism as part of the standard license.