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Tips for text

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Tips for text

Here's an open discussion for text and notes in Creo and Pro-engineer.

Add tips and tricks that you know and ask questions that would be a good addition to this topic.

If you know of any previous threads that will compliment this topic please provide us the link.

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I understand the function you are trying to accomplish. This would be a great repeat region feature that PTC should develop.

Maybe you can confirm if this is your use case but I remember inspection departments adding balloons all over my drawing by each dimension. There balloon numbers relate back to an inspection report that repeats the dimension and the tolerance including gtol value and the operator would write in the actual measured value and a pass/fail evaluation. Did PTC make anything like this already?

I would really like to see the option to make n-gon balloons feature on the fly.

I am not sure how to implement a solution, but I am leaning toward a note feature related to each dimension you want to "tag". When you place your symbol, it would take on the note value from the related selected feature without requiring a leader.

Has anyone developed a supporting method for something like this?

This comes from a requirement to use "&" in a symbol value...


You can create a rule for your layer where you look for Drawing Symbols with Name == symbol_name*, make sure the rule is Associative using the Options Drop down, and then hide the layer.


Please suggest me what is the syntax for overriding added dimension with parametric dimension.

Ex: Added dimension is 45 degrees, i want to replace this with driven dimension 60 degrees.

Thanks in advance


Although this is frequently used for notes, this sounds like a dangerous thing to want to do for dimensions. Could you explain why not just correctly display the dimension in the model? Is it a matter of orientation?

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There really is nothing worse than overwriting dimensions for the sake of saving a little time. There are only very few instances when this is sanctioned in general, one of which is table dimensions and the other is broken views.

You cannot change the properties of a dimension to simply overwrite the value with a parameter in the model (driving dimensions). But you can change the name of the dimension and and have it show this in the dimension. You can then add a parameter.

Obviously the panel cannot be 1.75 inches wide and the slot be wider at 2 inches. param_or is set to 2.0 in relations; inches is the name of the dimension in properties.


However, if you have a driven (drawing) dimension, you can use the @O&param_or to overwrite the dimension on the drawing.

Please don't do this unless you have a very good reason!

Agree with your caviats Antonius and especially the don't use unless there is a very good reason. The same syntax used in a note also works to overwrite a dimension, but generally speaking would be a horrible practice!

It is interesting that you say that you have a driving dimension, but I don't understand why you just wouldn't use that driving dimension to be displayed. I think if you want to drive using a parameter, it would generally be best to do so using relations...

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"

Thanks to Lawrence and Antonius for your suggestions, Lawrence your guess is correct For orientation of dimension in particular location I want to do like this. I used circular pattern to make hole at 6 locations on a flange now problem is i cannot change the pattern location for other reasons (I have to change orientation for more dimensions rather than one dimension), so I want to place 60 degree dimension at different location instead of actual dimesnion displayed using SHOW/ERASE.

apart from parameters is there any otherwy to orient it.



Are you familiar with Relations? You could set 2 driving dimensions (of different orientations) equal to each other

e.g. &d23=&d41

(in this case d23 could be your 45º angle and d41 your 60º angle that you want. This way they would both be 60º, or if you turn them around vise versa so you can control which dimension drives which). An alternative is to just display a reference dimension on the dwg, which if you ever wanted to modify you could just go to the original feature in the model.

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"

It Seems more logical,

I will try this approach.



Excellent thread, it has proven very useful to me, thank you.

A quick question, if I may: is there a way to force a parameter display to uppercase? The default for the Appearance "Name" field is lowercase, no matter how it is entered.

Many thanks,


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Just remembered this thread. Great read if you need some tweaks with text.

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