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U3D PDF Model Based Definition


U3D PDF Model Based Definition


I am running Creo 2.0. We are currently looking into Model Based Definition (no 2-d drawings) for our manufacturing parts. I have been reading a lot on the subject as well as playing around a bit and have a question regarding Creo's capability.

We are interested in generating a U3D PDF with all of the relevant information. I have been experimenting with the model and have created several combined views ("ALL" tab under view manager or page tabs when the annotate ribbon is selected). I have a nice format setup with different views set up for different features (i.e. overall part dimensions, hole patterns, rounds, chamfers, notes, etc). However when I save as into the U3D PDF I only get the "default all" version of the part on a single sheet and the different views don't seem to be retained. Is there any way to retain the different view information, whether it is in multiple pages on the U3D PDF or clickable tabs to activate them in the pdf?

Or does anyone have any advice how to better implement this rather than getting a single page with all of the information overload jumbled onto the model.

Appreciate all of the help



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Hello Erik and welcome to the forum.

The intent for 3D documentation is likely not intended for the 3D PDF. This is a very limited format and is in no way optimized for what ASME Y14.41 is intended to address.

I think you will find that the right solution is Creo View. You can find out more about this from your PTC VAR.

If you have maintenance, you can download the free version of Creo View but in general, there is a product that provides the full capabilities. I suspect that is the "solution" PTC has to offer for paperless documentation.


It also seems like the 3D PDFs are HUGE FILES. And because they are compressed by nature, zip does not help.


I have started looking into this as well. I get the default views (as defined by my start part) when I export to 3D PDF format. I make sure that the "Add Views from File" is checked in the "PDF U3D Export Settings" UI then select OK.

When the file is called up in the PDF viewer, you will have to first select the model by clicking on it. Then on the left side of the PDF viewer, there are 4 icons, one of which is the model tree. Select the model tree and the views will be in one of the panels there.

Look up some youtube videos - especially ones about Anark - to see the potential of the PDF format.

I have Adobe Reader XI (11.0.09) installed. I hope this helps you out.