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Volume of a cavity within an assembly


Volume of a cavity within an assembly

Good Morning ProE/Creo experts,

Is there an easy way to determine the volume of a cavity in an assembly? I could create a dummy model of the cavity and determine the volume of the dummy but it is a fairly complex shape and I am hoping there is a more efficient way of accomplishing this task.

WF 4.0, M120


Jim Majewski

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The way I would approach this is;

1. Create an assembly

2. Assemble in your part

3. Create a new empty part.

4. Activate the empty part.

5. Select all the internal surfaces (Using seed and boundary
selection ie Pick internal surface, hold shift, pick capping surfaces)

6. Copy and paste the selection, use Ctrl + C, then Ctrl +V.

7. Open the Part with the new surfaces in.

8. Cap the surfaces.

9. Merge them all together.

10. Solidify and run the volume analysis.

I'm sure that there are quicker ways but this would be a good starter
for 10. I can send you a video if required.



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I've had a couple of requests for this video.

Please find this, as requested, attached. (Via yousendit)

As an FYI you may have to download the tscc codec.



Hello Iain,
A more general technique (talking WF4) we use is to create publish geometry
in the model or assy that you want to measure the volume in and to put this
geometry into the empty part (volume_X.prt?) as a >shared geometry >copy
then selecting the published geometry. This seems to have an advantage over
the cut, paste technique in that this will update in the case of changing
volumes and you can redefine the publish geometry. The downside of this
technique is that you need the AAX module which is not in Foundation. Is
this true, or am I missing something?


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Assemble a cube which overlaps the extents of the cavity x, y and z

Edit > Component Operations > Cut Out

Pick the cube to be cut

Ctrl pick the components which create the cavity to cut the cube.

Find the volume of the cut cube part