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What is Central Catalog ?


What is Central Catalog ?

I got a Reply for my post last week..I have attached here for reference. please have a look. this post i have made the presentation specially for this user.

And also for the Freshers who started working on creo schematic.


Antonius Dirriwachter Aug 9, 2012 11:08 AM

I think a few of us may need some further explanation of when this applies.

What is a central catalog?  Is this a Windchill feature?  Who is this "admin"?   Is this submitted to PTC?

Its all well and good, but context is lacking.


Hope this presentation will give you a basic level of understanding on Central Catalogue used in Creo Schematic (or RSD).

Please let me know your comments.... It will encourage me to share more things on Creo Schematics.


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Thank you.  Now I understand.  This is good information regarding any type of library an organization would undertake.

My primary question was about this being a PTC maintained library and obviously it is not (understandably).

It is not maintained by PTC.... The Organization needs to setup the files based on their own standards and requirements.

One more question along these lines. How do you link the Directory Defaults to the catalog?

Something i pulled together from different sources. Its a little busy.


The central catalog is where all your library objects are stored.

The Directory defaults has nothing to do with the central catalog.  The DD is for specifying where you would like to load external files from such as dxfs, pin parameters csv file and where you would like to export information to. 

Does that help?

Central Catalog is a network area where you store all you library shapes and data tables. Your design template should point to this location. Jim Barrett is correct.

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