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coplanar constraint?


coplanar constraint?

Proe Users,

I am a longtime Proe Users, but new to Creo 2. I am trying to create an assembly constraint that will use the center plane of a sub-assembly and keep the sub-assembly symmetrically centered between 2 faces. I see a coplanar constraint but cannot figure out how to use it, it doesn't allow me to select faces or planes??? Is this the correct constraint to do what I'm trying to accomplish? I know I can do this with a sketch and plane but I have to do several of these and wanted to make it simpler if possible.

Ryan Crisp | Senior Mechanical Engineer

501 Morrison Rd.
Columbus, OH 43230
(614) 337-9979
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For what you are asking I think you need to create a plane that is centered between the two faces and use that as an assembly constraint reference.


21-Topaz II

I think you're going to need to create a plane that is in the center of the two faces and then use a coincident constraint.

The coplanar constraint applies to two edges. It forces them on the same plane, but not coincident. I hadn't heard of it before and I'm not sure how I'd use it.

From the help (I searched for "coplanar constraint"):


Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

My initial thought to locate this subassembly was to create a saved analysis
measurement in the top assembly between the two faces, and then assemble the
subassembly using the plane in the subassembly offset from one of the two
faces. Once this has been done, you could create an assembly level
relationship so that the distance that the assembly is offset from the face
was half of the distance of the saved analysis feature.

Just something to ponder.

Scott Schultz

Principal Consultant

3D Relief Inc.