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creating your own scenes


creating your own scenes

Hi All

Does anyone know how to add your own images to a scene file, to be used in scene in the render window.

I have had a look, but all the info I can find is how to save & copy an exsisting scene, not how to edit one with your own photos.


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Accepted Solutions

It can be done. Click on the room image and it will open something similar tot he appearance manager. Then create a new appearance in the manager and apply a map image. Clumsy but functional.

Thanks for the demo, I had tried to do that, but couldn't get it to work, I can see a few mistakes I was making when I did it, from your video, I got something usable now.

Not being able to edit the default maps is kind of strange. Glad you got it working.

The trouble I had with this is managing some of the brightness aspects. My images seem to always wash out in reflections and such. Not sure if that is something special in the images or the settings.

I will do some digging on the net tonight, must be a way to edit and create you own.

I will post back here if I find anything.

It is easy to make your own.

The trick is to create a new "material" so you can add your own image.

Getting them to be effective in the scene, that is a trick I haven't figured out.

yes, now I understand.

I had a look around online last night, I found this video on youtube " PTC Creo Render Tutorial - HDRI PhotoReal Rendering " it explained how to use HDRI images better.

I also found this thread that has a links to a lot of free HDRI resources, I took a screen shot of it.


Ii have down loaded a lot of HDRI files last night, so I will play with them and see how I go.

I still can't get the ceiling right, may need a seperate photo of just the ceiling, but this is my 1st go using a HDRI image of an old factory I downloaded last night.





You add the image to the appearance, then select each scene, then you go back to each scene and select the appearance again and adjust the position of each one.

the floor worrked ok and the walls as well, but just couldn't fit the ceiling better.

I'd say you did pretty darn well

This is even easier

I am testing Creo 3.0 F000 at the moment for the rest of the office, you now can do this.

enviornment light and perspective with hdri image.JPG

by just using the envoironmental light and HDRI, then click perpective, you have a 360 degree sphere image.

enviornment light and perspective with hdri image 2.JPG

enviornment light and perspective with hdri image 3.JPG

These images are not rendered , this is creo 3.0 new photo realistic appearnces, you can close the render window and it still remains, and can be rotated a full 360 degree sphere.

No need to set up a scene

I have also created an animated.gif file of what can be done with HDRI images as an envoirnmental light