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modeling texture


modeling texture

Whatmethods do you use to model an area of acomponent with texture. Let's add another only want to display it on a texture page of a drawing that displays the location of the texture for tooling. The detail portion for the actual component should not show texure. Perhaps a simp-rep with the texture feature in that rep?

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I've always simply used a curve projected on the surface to indicate the
texture area. Put that curve on a layer and turn it off for the drawing
and on for the view where you need to see it. Call it out with a note.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

We have recently been trying to do this with copied surfaces. Depending on
where the texture breaks are on the parts it does mean sometimes you have to
create surface copies and then create more surfaces to trim them to the
appropriate break in textures. The issue we have with this is the glitch in
WF5 is the controlling of layers in shaded views doesn't work quite right.
If PTC can fix this it would seem to be a good way of showing different
textures. We are currently controlling this with layers and thus the issue,
so I might try using reps to see if that is a better approach. I am also
interested to hear how others are doing this.

Mark A. Peterson

Sr. Design Engineer

Igloo Products Corp


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