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Basics of Mechanism


Basics of Mechanism

I am new to Mechanism...can anyone guide me to some interesting useful tutorial?

Thanks in advance!



I don't know of any but I am sure there are some.

I know I've posted bits here and there, but a comprehensive overview may be lacking.


Which, of course, if why we have a forum 🙂


Are you talking Mechanism "lite" in core-Creo or the expansion pack version (which I know nothing about).

Also, what are your aims?


The super-uber-overview is this for core-Creo:

Mechanism will facilitate appropriate mechanical assembly constrains.

Certain assembly constraints will enable mechanism "refinements".

Gear connections are fairy generic but they can be frustrating to implement.

Frustration-1: Some internal check function may not allow what seems valid.

Frustration-2: Maintaining a valid connected model is challenging at best

- Maintaining a connected model while moving components can cause errors.

- Use snapshots! <you've been warned>

Servo motors are a fairly generic rotating drive source.

Servo motors are driven by 2D curves defined using time segments. 

- User defined curves can generate any number of desired animation results.

- 10 seconds is -not- the limit of a motion profile 🙂

The motion profile is an analysis.  You have to re-run the analysis on every change.

There are a few gotchas in the output, but you can output several media formats of the motion profile.

You motion analysis can be called in a higher level "manufacturing" animation.

- Animation will boost your "presentation motion profiles" to the next level...






Thank you for responding on this.. Could you / anyone can provide me basic guideline document as well to start with? And yes, I am looking for Mechanism on core Creo.

Again, I do not know of a comprehensive guide.


Do you have a particular project in mind we can make samples of?


BTW: Which version of Creo and is it the commercial version?

I can share Creo 2.0 commercial files.


I am having commercial version of Creo. It's Creo 3.0 M120 but I am okay with Creo 2.0 file as well.


Regarding any particular project, it's no. I just want to explore and enhance my capability. Based on that, I might get project.



How good are you with assembly constraints that allow for movement with limits?


Attached is a u-joint project.  Go into Mechanism and "run" the analysis from the tree...


Creo 2 commercial version


Not sure if the background image will come through.





Also check PTC University Learning Exchange video tutorials:

Have you looked at the postings in the Creo Blog ?


We have a blog? 😐

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