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Help in Mechanism


Help in Mechanism

Details in this pic.I want that extruded portion should rotate the cylinder when it makes contact with it and then carry it in the later motion.Capture.JPG

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My first guess is to use a slot connection. You will need to model a curve in one part and a point on the other.With a slot connection the point will slide along the curve. You can specify (I think) a coefficient of restitution at the end points of the curve, so that there is some dampening when the point hits the end of the curve. I haven't played around with slot curves in a while, so I'm not sure how this works today.

Shouldn't be one body fixed for slot connection? Here both of them are given pin connection as each of them rotates.

I find it easier to simply mimic the motion with servo motors using specific timelines.

in this case, use a rack and pinion gear connection to a phantom servo motor and then a separate servo motor for the rotary motion.

Not elegant, but certainly achievable.

Yes at very first place i had a thought of using two different servo motors and then time them accordingly. But i thought there has to be some real time way where they contact each other and start rotating. Thanks for your feedback.

Here I made a test with a slot and two rotating parts. Works fine, the model is redundant, so I had some accuracy issues with the wrapped curve representing the slot. This can be overcome with some more detailed modeling...

Video Link : 6164

This one seems good i will try with my model too.Thank you

I didn't manage to create "end stops" for the slot-connection itself. But this should be possible to achieve with max/min values enabled on the joints connecting the shafts. 

Hmm i gave it a try but don't know what's wrong with me.

This is the flow :

1) Cylinder assembled with pin constraint to assembly axis.

2) cylinder handle (green)..given pin connection with assembly axis and slot follower

while rotating both of them rotates i dont know why!!!

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