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How to show seal name for a connector in Pro cabling


How to show seal name for a connector in Pro cabling

Hi i added a user defined function in connector ports (in RSd wiring diagram) then i designated this seal part number to proe assy components. I can get the noirmal termina detaisl in B.o.m with exact quantity. But i cant get the seal _name parameter in B.o.m is there any easy precedure to do that? Please pro cabling experts can help me. thanks in advance.
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How did you add the connectors & terminators? Did you use "cable info"? My solution for BOM is to add as many repeat regions on table as number of accessories I have on connector and for a continuous index I use TBL REGIONS/Attributes/Start Index. Check the picture. I hope this helps you.

Hi, Thanks alot for your reply. Im using the combination of 4 repeat regions to show bill of matrial. (spool,terminals,components,and other cosmetics) here i attached the snaps to understand the real problem. If u see on second (02.jpg) image. the component will have two part numbers for one port. first one is normal terminal_name. another one is called seal_name (created function) I can get the terminal quantity & terminal partnumbers on Bill of material by using the following repeat region functions. & &harn.term.qty But i tried in all the repeat region functions to get the seal_name (user defined) details (quantity & part number) to put in B.o.M. its not coming. Thanks for ur valuable reply.

"Ganesh Gopi" wrote:

Hi, ...Im using the combination of 4 repeat regions...

for that Seal_name parameter i tried in all the parameters of repeat region. (cabl parameter, mbr, conn, asm & rpt.rel.---) Its not listing out the part numbers and quantity. My question is simple. Is there a way to show partnumbers for the user defined parameter? I created this parameter (seal_name) in rsd component port level.Ill explain with snap shots tomorrow. thanks again for spending ur time on this.

Now I got it and also I remembered that in the past I didn't succeed to show any user defined parameters for pins. I replaced my "wire_seal" with a internal pro/cabling parameter: signal.type (signal_name on RSD).


Actually it works... I didn't know that for pins user defined parameters it can be used the "signal" as "prefix" like you did (thanks for trick). The 1.jpg shows a very simple BOM. Seal_name come from RSD. Which release of pro/e you use?

I tried this way allready.i checked the repeat region Model/rep also I am using Wild fire 4.0 with RSD 8.0 THe RESULT COMES LIKE THIS, It simply listing out all part numbers on repeated manner (its not giving qty & part number) the parameters i used are the same which u sent & &rpt.qty I´ll try it in another assy and ill let u know the result again.

Hello friend, Its working after setting attributes no duplicates. thanks for ur valuable reply. I got a rsd partner:)

OK. I'm really happy you solve it. Now, I have a question for you. How do you manage the quantity of items if you have in your harness terminals assembled as parts and also terminals as connector parameters with identical P/N's?

Question 1 : How do you manage the quantity of items if you have in your harness terminals assembled as parts ? Answer : &harn.term.qty Question2 : and also terminals as connector parameters with identical P/N's? Answer : &rpt.qty i jsut used these parameters to place quantity on B.O.M

So, on BOM you'll have 2 rows with the same P/N and qty for each. My target is to find a way to concatenate this 2 rows.

No, its not coming two times. My B.O.m structure is like this First set ll have "component parts list¨" parameter used in B.O.M :& Second set ´ll have ¨terminal numbers list¨which is added in term table or assigned in port level as term_name parameter used in B.O.M :& 3rd set ´ll have User defined Part list which is created in the port level as seal_name parameter used in B.O.M :& 4th set is for spool parts parameter used in B.O.M :&& Is it the same way u are following?

What's happening on your BOM if & == & (the values for parameters are identical)?

the values for the following & == & are not identical Because & is only showing Physical parts which we assembled in Proe assy. & is to show the parameter we entered in RSD port or in terminal tables. so both are listing out seperate list of part numbers.

I totally agree and I understand very well your BOM, I also use this technique. But, on your harnesses you didn'd use before terminals as physical parts, with the same P/N as terminals used as parameters for connectors?

No Here i am not using the physically assembled terminals again in parameter. I am not yet faced this problem on my assembly. May be in future ill stuck up on this issue!

this is my long time trouble with Pro-cabling electrical assembly. How you are renaming harness part? If i wants to rename,I am giving save a copy of the whole assy. then only i can rename this Harness part. Its really a big trouble if we created a drawing depends on the current assembly. Is there any gud way u suggest to rename drawing and assy members in same time.

Try this one: go to file/rename, on the rename window click on the right icon that shows a "+" and an arrow, choose "select" and then select from your model tree the part of harness.

Wow Its deffeneatly a gud way. Thanks many for you to give this idea. i hv two assys like this to rename. I never tried this way of renaming on my 2 years of experience with pro-E.

I am using RSd 8.0. its havign term table functionality to import from other design as csv file. Im just wondering which one is the Best practice to assign term table on Pro cabling or in RSd. another doubt is in TErm table functionality i can assign only Term_name only. in billo f material we can get the part number and description from where we assigned the details on terminal creation. but for user defined functions like "seal_name" or "plug_name" hw to add description. few days back we discussed this topic .im using the following parameters to show on Bill of Material. part number : & qty : &rpt.qty please let me know is there way to show description also by using parameters.

On my BOM table I'm using for description column a relation like this: IF asm_mbr_connprm_pin_signal_seal_name=="P/N" DESCRIPTION="description for item" ENDIF ...and for each item I have this kind of relation. Every time when I'm adding a new relation I save the table as table file.