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*** Status Update Summary *** Assembly won't open


*** Status Update Summary *** Assembly won't open

Here is the latest:

The 3GB switch is utilized, but was set to /userva=2080. I set it to
/userva=2900 as recommended.

I am on a 32 bit machine, and at the mercy of the corporation for a 64
bit machine. Maybe in a year...

Virtual Memory was set to Min: 2046, Max: 4092. Per a recommendation, I
have increased it to Min: 14000, Max: 14000. (3x the RAM).

Not positive if this was opened WF4 before we switched.

It seems inconsistent when I the error message.

At my last error message today, xtop.exe showed 1,464,052K being used.

I was able to open the assembly in a graphics rep. I then suppressed
everything but the 1st assembly (which will open on its own). I was
then successful in opening the assembly in question, in master rep mode.
I then started resuming components. I am about half way through
resuming components. I am also trying to make sure none of the
components have a yellow stop light warning.

Not sure of total file size on disk yet.

Not there yet, but getting closer. Maybe ammunition for a new machine
sooner than the schedule!

Thanks for all the tips!


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